LTTP BREAKING: EPIC acquires Harmonix, plastic guitars and drum sets sold at yard sales 10 years ago in protest


Dec 8, 2018
In news that is sure to rock the industry, Epic Games has announced it has acquired Cambridge-based Harmonix, developer of Karaoke Revolution Volume 2.

However, it appears the news has hit a sour note with gamers, with many selling their entire collection of plastic toy instruments 10 years ago at yard sales and on Facebook marketplace in protest. More troubling, in a clear rebuke of Epic Games, many fans have outright thrown away their axes and kits over 5 years ago, saying "We're not gonna take it!"

Still, some are optimistic about the pairing.

"Glad that Harmonix will survive for a bit longer, I know they've had a rough go of it lately," said a man running at a local High School athletic track made from 40% recycled post-consumer plastic.

Stay tuned as, unlike Harmonix and anything other than Fortnite, this story is developing.