News Figment - Creed Valley expansion coming in Fall 2019


Sep 19, 2018
The Kingdom of Bohemia

Figment: Creed Valley will release sometime in fall 2019.

Figment: Creed Valley is an encore to Figment, which continues the story of the original game. Dusty and Piper have restored peace in the mind but a new threat is looming. Our two heroes must travel to Creed Valley- where the mind’s worldview and ideals are formed - to face their most dangerous, singing adversary so far.

Other than many new enemies to fight and puzzles to solve, Figment: Creed Valley also grants the player control over the mind’s two fundamental states: Open minded and Close minded. Each state shapes the environment differently and changes how it reacts to the player’s actions, creating a new ground for mind-bending challenges.

Main Features
  • A brand new Figment chapter with its own contained story
  • A new part of the mind with two distinct dimensions to explore
  • Plenty of puzzles and enemies to face
  • New singing nightmares and original songs to discover

Figment is best known for its musically adaptive world. Player actions can alter the tune played by the various parts of the environment.


Careful Icarus
Sep 20, 2018
I dug Figment though I was probably one of the very few who bought it at release. The original songs are great.
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