Community Happy New Year! What are your resolutions?


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Oct 6, 2018
Mine are to quit being a fucking dumbass with my money (concretely: be 50% out of debt by the end of 2019) and to be a more responsible consumer of video games (fully play the ones I have rather than running from title to title on the hype treadmill). What about you, MetaCouncil? Or is the approximate passing of the Earth around an arbitrary marker a poor reason to set life goals? Discuss.
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Degenerate and Proud
Nov 1, 2018
Trying to get the shambles that are my life back together
Stopping my self-destructive behavior
Finding an employer that doesn't treat me like trash
Getting into a healthy relationship
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Living in the Megastructure
Nov 12, 2018
- Get my 16k words "short story" that I've written like 2 years ago up on Amazon (it's only missing a cover)
- Get off my lazy ass and continue writing the other story I've started over a year ago and got "stuck" during chapter 1
- To help with that, write at least 1 word per day
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Sep 8, 2018
- Read more and play less.
- Gotta get back to my prime fitness level.
- Finish a Full marathon. (I've done half marathon in 2 hours)
- Finish a 200 km cycling brevet. (In well under 12 hours)
- Find a new job. (Don't hate the current one, but i can make a ton more if i switch jobs and i need a change anyways)
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Sep 6, 2018
I'd like to start using my motorbike to go to work, now that my license's beginner period is over. I also want to move out, which it's very expensive and I don't feel like wasting money on rent, but buying an apartment is totally out of the question due to the ridiculous prices and impossibility of getting a useful credit. So I really have no option but to rent and saying goodbye to the chance of ever saving money again.

Speaking of savings, I really, and I mean really, need to stop wasting so much on games and stuff that I'll never use. I also wanna learn how to cook, and it would be good to hit the gym again, although I'm lazy as fuck. And also pick up the bass again, it's been ages since I last played it and I never stopped sucking terribly, so ideally I would finally learn some proper techniques and scales and start sucking a bit less.

Not gonna lie, I'd bet good money that I won't achieve a single thing in this post, but it's nice to dream I guess.
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A Kamen Rider just passing through
Jan 1, 2019
Stay on the diet I started in December. I've indulged in a mini fridge and stock it with various flavored seltzer, yogurt and material to make quick wraps to eat. My fiance thinks I've lost weight but I'm too afraid to check the scale (I feel like if I see good results i'll slack off)
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