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Sep 19, 2018
The Kingdom of Bohemia

Jupiter Hell
Funded on KS back in December 2016 (KS page)

Jupiter Hell is a classic, turn-based roguelike set in a 90's flavored sci-fi universe. Set on the moons of Jupiter, the game pits a lone space marine against overwhelming demonic forces. Rip and tear zombies, demons and unmentionable monstrosities, using classic weaponry such as shotguns, chainguns, railguns and the trusty chainsaw. All to the shine of CRT monitors and the tune of heavy metal!

Dive deep into a true form of the 30 year old roguelike game genre that has resurged in popularity. Experience tactical permadeath challenges in glorious 3D visuals. Jupiter Hell is the spiritual successor to DoomRL, the parody roguelike that years ago streamlined the traditional format and popularised a new wave of accessible roguelikes. Distilled, hardcore gameplay, fast-paced challenge and limitless death all await.

True Roguelike!
The classic tactical mix of permadeath with turn-based, procedural gameplay, but now updated with modern graphics and accessibility. A traditional roguelike designed for all players.
Fluid Gameplay
Dynamic turn-based action with unique adaptive animation system lets you play at your own pace. Supported by intuitive interface and streamlined gameplay for action-focused entertainment.
Smart Procedural Generation
Built upon decades of expertise in producing truly engaging procedural content. Layered procedural structures, adaptive challenges and intermeshing random systems ensure engaging variety.
Limitless Challenge
A game full of tense tactical combat, tight resources and legendary boss battles. Advanced difficulty modes and special challenges cater for the most masochistic players.

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