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beep boop

Dec 6, 2018
This looks so good! Hope it runs decently in portable and isn't blurry. Haven't played a meaty JRPG for a while now, and I could go for one just about now.


South Sea Islander
Jul 17, 2021
Manila, Philippines
LTTP on this, but I finally started digging deep into Returnal.

Jesus, what an absolutely incredible game that is! I was seriously doubtful that the trademark Housemarque twitch shooter mechanics would work well in a TPS roguelike, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

It more than earns its reputation for extreme difficulty (the game is rock hard, and extremely unforgiving), but it makes it all the more sweet when you clutch out a good run.

It's been a good while since I've played a game where I'm constantly thinking about it even when I'm not playing, figuring out ways I could have done bettter. Returnal is far and away my game of the year so far, and is likely to stay that way (barring perhaps Forza Horizon 5, but that's a long shot).