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Sep 19, 2018
Because this place is new and not everyone knows how some of the stuff regarding posting works yet, we thought we'd do a quick write-up with a list of some of the cool stuff that's possible or done automatically here.

  • you are able to change your tag (listed as "Custom title" in account details) and username at any time, without limits.
  • no more double posts! Now all the subsequent posts from the same user get auto-merged into the last post they made.
  • if you create a thread, as the thread's owner - you are able to change the title, close/reopen, move and delete the thread you created. There are no time limits on any of those things.
  • you no longer have to use the "insert link" button if you want the link to have the same title as the page you're linking, that's now done automatically. So for example, this: automatically turns into this: Red Dead Redemption 2 after posting the message. Also - all links automatically have the target website's favicon added in front of them. Of course you can also use the "insert link" button from the toolbar if you want the link text to be something else than the target page's title.
  • you are also able to bookmark posts, thread and entire forums. To bookmark a post - click the bookmark icon next to the post number (top-right corner of each post)
  • everyone is able to set a cover picture for their profile. Just go to your profile page and click the "cover" button to set it all up.
  • covers are also available for each individual thread you create (might be especially useful for OT and community threads). Just click the "cover" button after you create a thread to set it up.
  • giphy support is in! while you can naturally just use the "insert media" button to embed giphy links, you can also just use the dedicated "giphy" button in the toolbar for an easier way to search and insert gifs.
  • you can create Q&A threads which will have a different formatting than any other regular thread. in Q&A threads everyone participating will be able to upvote and downvote replies and the OP will be able to choose one of the answers as "best answer" which will always show at the top of the thread. To create a Q&A thread tick the "Thread is a question" checkbox when posting a thread. Do not use the Q&A prefix without marking the thread as a question.
  • in addition to being able to ignore users, you are also able to ignore individual threads or even entire forums if you choose to. Just go into a thread or forum and click the "ignore" button.
  • for all the websites that support media embedding - you don't have to use the "insert media" toolbar button either. If, for example, you just paste a raw YouTube link into a message - it will automatically embed the video. This should work with all the supported embeds. Check the Help page for a list of supported embeds.
  • there are a few additional non-standard formatting tools as well. Things like being able to insert tables, justify text, change text background colour, save and delete message drafts and full-screen mode you can use. Check the BBcode Help page for explanations and examples.
  • you are also able to take advantage of editor templates (if you're working on an OT for an upcoming game, for example). To create a template, go to the Editor templates page in your account dropdown.
  • we also have a twitter bot tweeting out all new threads.
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