Opinion MetaCouncils Annual Top 5s - 2020 Edition


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Oct 10, 2018
Paris, France
Welcome MCers to our annual thread where we post our top 5s for the year, be either movies, TV, music and the like. (games in the GOTY thread!)

This is year was very light on movies for me, so my top 5 is kind of weak.



I am very glad that I managed to see it in the cinema, nothing else this year comes close to the experience.

2. Trial of the Chicago 7
Fight the power!

3. Onward
Saw this just as the first lockdown started and it was such a great escape!

4. Soul
It does have a nice message and first movie I saw with my girlfriend so that adds a bit.

5. Bill & Ted Face the Music
Alright so never thought this movie would be in my top 5 list of best movies I've seen this year, but can't help it.

Music as movies has been weak this year, since the ways I listen to music weren't possible for most of the year. Meaning when I'm in a cafe or out walking I tend to listen and explore new music. So this is going to be a mix of albums and just single songs.


1. Shygirl - ALIAS (album)

2. Lost Frequencies - Sweet Dreams(Pretty Pink Remix)(song)
This I found just as a relationship ended and it felt like a perfect song for a broken heart.

3. Caribou - Suddenly (album)
My favorite thing to do every summer is to take long walks in the Forrests around Paris and this album with its chill electronic just takes me back to the warmth of the sun.

4. Ofenbach, Quaterhead - Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (song)
This song I found at the same time a girl I fell big for a long time kept texting me and the song reminded me of how the love I felt for her felt.

5. Big Black Delta - Summoner (song)
Sometimes you just instantly fall in love with a song and this was one of those. I was so hyped for the full album but sadly it did not deliver on the promise.


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Nov 12, 2018
Is this "things that came out this year" or also "anything we watched/read/listened to this year regardless of its original release"`?


Mar 1, 2019
Cool idea. Unfortunately I've not watched many movies this year and the ones I liked were not even from 2020.

But we are considering to buy Tenet tomorrow for our family New Year's Eve Party. Staying home with Sushi and a movie is the best idea we were able to come up with. Could be worse.
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