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Stone Ocean

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Apr 17, 2019
According to GDC, a lot of devs thinks EGS cut is too high.

A lot of devs won't be happy until the cut is between 1-9%.

A cut at 9% means that Valve won't be able to afford Wallet cards anymore, Sweeney himself confirmed EGS won't have wallet cards because the EGS cut at 12% can't afford it.

No wallet cards means that millions of people all over the world, especially in Asia, won't be able to buy games.
Wow what a coinkidink, I've been thinking videogames are too expensive too! Maybe I should get them for free somehow, that's fine right?


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Dec 31, 2018
Devs have to realise that Steam reach so many people because is extremely easy to buy games, between its global presence and a shitton of payment methods, anyone with lunch money can buy anything in it, Valve's cut makes this possible.

Hell, I can even pay with my cellphone now, just need to scan a QR code with any bank app, and there's a bunch nowadays here with no fees.


Apr 19, 2019
Any positive store cut is too high: if a game is featured on a store, then devs have to provide support to the store customers, update game builds, upload Mac & Linux builds, waste time implementing store-specific features like achievements, cloud saves, etc. All of these tasks require additional work. The more stores that devs choose to support, the more work.. and the more wasted time. Realistically, small stores should pay devs to have the chance to sell their games.
It's not a waste of time, it's literally their job! The game doesn't need achievements, cloud saves, etc but if it's advertised as having any features at all it's their job to develop them and make sure they work as intended.
The only "extra" work they might have is developing patches but, again, it's their job. If the product they received money for isn't working properly they have to fix it. It's true here, it's true if you're a taxi driver or a plumber, it's how business work. Don't want to have that "extra" work? Release the game without bugs. And let's not forget each patch release is an oportunity to publicize the game's existance, to show it's better than before and maybe to get a few more sales. Plus we also have to factor in DLC they develop in the meantime and they'll get paid extra for.

The whole "fair share" discussion never leads anywhere and it never will. As far as the seller is concerned they'll never be happy unless the cut is 0% and the store would glady take 100% if it could. It's business companies waving their floppy dicks around and for some unknown reason the customers are the ones being conscripted into fighting the battle.


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Jan 26, 2020
There is no truth, it's just a rumor. When Sony announces Bloodborne coming 6 months or whatever to PC after PS5 release, then we have truth.
The rumors have always been about not only a PC version but a Remaster that understandably would be exclusive to PS5 for some time. That is, unless Sony changes course.

I don't think that will happen. We can also thank Lashman for revealing that unfortunately Bloodborne is not next after Days Gone.

I take no joy in saying this but Sony won't let any high-profile game release day-and-date on PC/PS.


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Mar 29, 2021
Another rumor. Don't take rumors as gospel. My view is that I don't know and anything can happen. Sonys current plan can be that the next game is Dreams, but in 2 weeks they decide the next one will be God of War instead.
That's how I feel as well. Sony's plans for PC, I imagine, are in flux right now so even if they are committed to prioritizing releases of their games on PS5 and later on PC, I could see them maybe eventually adopting the strategy of simultaneous releases between the two platforms.
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