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Sep 19, 2018
The Kingdom of Bohemia

Publisher Bigben Interactive and developers Black Shamrock and Cyanide Studio have announced Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory, a “darkly humorous CRPG” due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.

Paranoia is a CRPG that takes place in humanity’s last idyllic refuge, Alpha Complex, which is controlled by Friend Computer. All citizens enjoy a life of joy, cheerfulness and cleanliness. Questioning the benevolence of Friend Computer is an act of treason. Having access to information beyond your security clearance is an act of treason. Refusing to drink your daily dose of Bouncy Bubble Beverage is an act of treason. Treason is punishable by summary execution.

Stay alert! Trust no one!

Traitors are everywhere, plotting to destroy The Computer, Alpha Complex itself, and our precious way of life. Identify them, report them – or eliminate them as the treasonous scum they are. Keep your laser handy!

You lead a team of Troubleshooters with RED security clearance. Your job is to find trouble – and shoot it. Friend Computer monitors your every move, alert for any sign of treason, and will undoubtedly reward you for prompt and heroic action in defense of Alpha Complex – or punish treasonable acts, possibly by assigning you to be used as reactor shielding.

Key Features
  • A retro-futuristic world filled with technologies as wondrous as they are deadly.
  • Create and lead a team of four Troubleshooters working for Friend Computer.
  • Choose your specializations from 16 available skills.
  • Unique character progression through cloning (if you die, you progress!).
  • Tactical combat system with active pause inspired by classic CRPG games.
  • Original enemies, including malfunctioning robots, aggressive drinks dispensers and defective clones.


Role Player
Oct 19, 2018
I found a couple of previews, sounds great.

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory Preview - Friend Computer is Watching
Being developed by Cyanide (Of Orcs and Men, Styx titles & Blood Bowl titles) and Black Shamrock (assisted with Starlink: Battle for Atlas), Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory is certainly looking like an interesting game. The combat looks compelling, aiming to be true to the original tabletop RPG and also having a decent level of challenge. What is possibly more important is that to remain true to the original IP, the ones who made the tabletop RPG work with the developers, particularly on the story and text. At the moment they’re aiming for a PC, PS4 and Xbox One release between September to December this year, with the game getting a full launch instead of early access.
Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory Preview – shooting trouble in a dystopian RPG – TheSixthAxis
There’s something about Paranoia that’s really caught my imagination. Toeing the line to appear like a goodie two shoes, while breaking every rule you can possibly get away with outside the watchful eyes of Friend Computer and the other humans. Cyanide and Black Shamrock seem to be doing a great job of capturing the feel of a tabletop game, of playing with other perhaps untrustworthy people, not to mention the light-hearted tone of this dystopian world.


The Crawling Chaos
Apr 18, 2019
The tabletop game is legitimately hilarious, and I'm not sure the trailer sold me on its satirical chops, and I'm honestly not sure if a singleplayer experience will allow for the level of passive-aggressive PvP fuckery to your 'team mates' the game is known for
gameplay trailer


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Sep 19, 2018
The Kingdom of Bohemia
Gameplay trailer
Troubleshooters, Instructor Daff-Y-DUK has summoned you to attend the mandatory exhaustive course in Troubleshooting.

Thanks to Matthew Mercer for his contribution in giving his voice to Instructor Daff-Y-DUK.

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory: a darkly humorous CRPG, adapted from the tabletop role-playing game created by Dan Gelber, Greg Costikyan and Eric Goldberg.

The game will be released on PC and consoles in 2019, when Friend Computer feels like it.
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