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Sep 19, 2018
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An Update on Next-Gen: PlayStation 5 Launches Holiday 2020
by PS.Blog Staff 2019/10/08

Since we originally unveiled our next-generation console in April, we know that there’s been a lot of excitement and interest in hearing more about what the future of games will bring. Today I’m proud to share that our next-generation console will be called PlayStation 5, and we’ll be launching in time for Holiday 2020.

These updates may not be a huge surprise, but we wanted to confirm them for our PlayStation fans, as we start to reveal additional details about our vision for the next generation. WIRED magazine covered these updates and more in a story that posted this morning.

The “more” refers to something I’m quite excited about – a preview of the new controller that will ship with PlayStation 5. One of our goals with the next generation is to deepen the feeling of immersion when you play games, and we had the opportunity with our new controller to reimagine how the sense of touch can add to that immersion.

To that end, there are two key innovations with the PlayStation 5’s new controller. First, we’re adopting haptic feedback to replace the “rumble” technology found in controllers since the 5th generation of consoles. With haptics, you truly feel a broader range of feedback, so crashing into a wall in a race car feels much different than making a tackle on the football field. You can even get a sense for a variety of textures when running through fields of grass or plodding through mud.

The second innovation is something we call adaptive triggers, which have been incorporated into the trigger buttons (L2/R2). Developers can program the resistance of the triggers so that you feel the tactile sensation of drawing a bow and arrow or accelerating an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain. In combination with the haptics, this can produce a powerful experience that better simulates various actions. Game creators have started to receive early versions of the new controller, and we can’t wait to see where their imagination goes with these new features at their disposal.

While there’s much more to share about PlayStation 5 in the year ahead, we have plenty of blockbuster experiences coming your way on PS4, including Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima. I’d like to thank all PlayStation fans for continuing the journey with us, as we embark on the future of games.

President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment
Jim Ryan
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A Gamer posting from the brig
Jul 12, 2019
I was going to post this in my console gaming OT thread but I'll react here as well.

Hardware sounds great. Ray tracing was not something that I expected and its sounds like the DS5 will be second to none.

I'm personally more interested in the software, as in how BC is implemented and how many games will take advantage of modular installs.

Aelphaeis Mangarae

Junior Member
Apr 21, 2019
I'm not opposed to experimental control methods, but I think haptic features in controllers tend to be a massive battery drain that provides dubious value. Unless you're doing VR or something it tends to be kinda gimmicky. They use examples like pulling a trigger to simulate a bowstring. That's... that's not how bow strings work. And you're gonna blow a LOT of battery power making the triggers more difficult to pull. Not to mention trigger pull is a very delicate for controllers. There's a risk of devs filling their games with gimmicky minigame stuff where you have to pull the trigger extra hard to land the fish in Far Cry 6 or something. Choking enemies out? Gotta squeeze the trigger extra hard. That risks getting old super fast.

Remember when HD rumble was supposed to be killer feature for the Nintendo Switch? Except the new Switch doesn't have it so literally nobody is going to use it anymore? That's the tangible risk with these kind of features.

Not to mention Sony have a history of weird controller gimmicks that ended badly. Cue that remark from David Doak about the Vita and, to paraphrase, "that stupid thing where you waggle your fingers on the back" that Sony told them they had to include in any potential TimeSplitters remaster for Vita.


Someone please take me to AA
Sep 20, 2018
Might get it at launch since I skipped this gen entirely, hopefully BC is day 1 and Sony will have some kind of gamepass thing planned.