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Nov 2, 2018
only in German, but this was such a good social commentary, I had to post it
basic translation is: little girl is at the infopoint searching for her mother, mother comes to the infopoint and the little girl says that isn't her mother.
The worker at the inopoint says that many children make this mistake and asks her mother to hold her smartphone in the front of the face.
Then the kid says that now she recognizes her mother, or rather the Galaxy smartphone in front of her.


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May 5, 2019
Sooo the following just happened to me:

I had a plastic can of curry still in the fridge and wanted to check the expiration date.
Turned it it had already expired – but that soon didnt matter because the whole thing slipped and fell to the floor, cracking open, making a mess.
Cleaned that up.

Decided to dispose of the rest (well, the bulk of it) in the toilet.
Now here's the thing: that stuff looked like diarrhea. Uncannily so. And the cup was broken in a weird way leading to leakage, making a mess also in the toilet. So basically I had that stuff all over my hands, in the sink, on the floor, on the toilet seat, and then of course in the toilet bowl.

Took me a while to get it cleaned up and I had to remind myself that it was just curry despite how it looked. To remind you: like diarrhea.
Thankfully it didnt smell like it (not to say that expired curry smells great, btw).

Im just glad my partner didnt wake up to find me in the midst of it all. It mustve looked REALLY bad. :grimacing-face: