Community Bad graphics IRL


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Apr 17, 2019
Whenever I travel I sometimes find myself looking at things and realizing that, if I were in a video game, I'd label some of the things that I'm seeing as being a visual glitch or proof that the game is running on a shitty engine...

I just came back from a trip and this time around I remembered to take some pictures...

Here's a photo of clouds definitely clipping through geometry:

And here's a picture of screen space reflection artifacts (on the left):

I know I took at least one more picture that I can't seem to find anywhere (a flower showcasing a harsh transition between cascaded shadow maps and also showing some odd peter panning around the petals)...

I guess that the idea for this topic is for you to go out, find real life examples of bad graphics, take pictures and post them here! Please, don't post pictures taken from the web!