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Apr 18, 2019
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BO7AMMOOD!!! :partyblob: :partyblob2:

hope you'll have an amazing day! :D

Happy birthday BO7AMMOOD! Hope it's a truly amazing one! With that P4G gift I'd say it's certainly looking that way, that's an incredible gift. :partyblob:

Thanks a lot BlindRhythm , and considering your approval of P4, you are clearly a scholar and a person of culture 😎
Happy birthday BO7AMMOOD !!
Thanks a lot NarohDethan :blobyesanime:
Have a great day, BO7AMMOOD ! 🎂 🎆🎇
Thanks a lot EdwardTivrusky , I most certainly will :partyblob2::partyblob2:
Happy Birthday to my pal BO7AMMOOD :cat-heart-blob:
Thanks a lot Li Kao buddy :highfiveblob:

Late, but couldn't miss it - happy birthday BO7AMMOOD! I wish you all the best :minos_emperor:
Thank you so much MJunioR for the lovely wishes! I honestly really appreciate it :cat-heart-blob::cat-heart-blob:

Thank you again everyone for the great birthday wishes. I gotta say I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by all these posts, especially because I haven't been very active here for the past year. MetaCouncil is truly the place to be on the interweb, and you are all so very sweet :cat-heart-blob::cat-heart-blob::cat-heart-blob::cat-heart-blob:
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Dec 22, 2018


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Apr 17, 2019
Happy birthday lashman! :partyblob2:

I hope that it will be a great one or at the very least a day where you can get a chance to relax. We can all use a day like that from time to time and you certainly deserve it, my friend! :photoblobheart:

Also I know your policy with gifts so again this year I'll give the gift of a hug in gif form.



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Dec 8, 2018
Thanks, everyone!

It's obviously going to be a quiet one but it usually is when you have a birthday mid-summer most people are on holiday or going to festivals :D

I have a couple of Brewdog beers i'm looking at while my posh pie cooks and some decent Gins for later on to sample. Also, it's not stupidly hot today which is bloody welcome after the last few days.