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Grindwheel Games

Junior Member
Jun 6, 2019
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grindwheel Games!!! :partyblob: :partyblob2:

hope you'll have a wonderful day ... and that your next game sells a million copies :cat-heart-blob:

Thank you! :D Right now I am just dodging all the people who have come to the seafront without a mask, but otherwise having a great day. I should also have some updates on music surprisingly early as well.

Stop It

Junior Member
Dec 19, 2018
Happy Birthday Grindwheel Games (Belated :sorryblob:), zkylon, and Stop It

Hope everyone had a good birthday! 🎉
Oh my, it seems I've missed a lot again!

Happy belated birthdays to Parsnip, guek, PhaZZe, Vantr, and Grindwheel Games! I hope that each of you had an amazing day! :partyblob:

And also happy birthday to zkylon and Stop It! I hope you both have a great one! :partyblob2:

Belated thank you (I forgot which browser I saved my login onto!)

Cake eaten on a second lockdown birthday here in the UK haha. I hope everyone else had a good one!

April 7th is also the birthday of Russell Crowe, Jackie Chan and Tim Peake, which explains a lot.