News Have your home be haunted by the new Colonel Sanders™ Funko Pop.

Krvavi Abadas

Junior Member
Jan 22, 2019

In a move proving that anything can be turned into a Funko abomination. Funko has announced that Colonel Harland David Sanders had his soul forcibly sucked in two new Funko pops.

The second figure, the one holding the cane, Is exclusive to the Funko store, and somehow managed to get sold out in 11 minutes.

In related news, Funko also revealed pops themed after the hit Anime game Persona 5, Which is arguably the most damaging thing to happen to that IP since RPCS3.


Dark Eroge Lord
Oct 9, 2018
This is one of the few Funko Pops that doesn't look completely awful, IMO.
The glasses and beard do a lot to mitigate the terrible Funko Pop face and it actually looks akin to its name-sake.

That said, I'd never want to have this thing in my home, and I am puzzled why the second version appears to have a human heart in a bucket.
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