Opinion Let's share ours GOTY!


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Jan 1, 2019
1) .HACK//GU/Recode -An HD remaster of one of my absolute favorite RPGs with some additional bonuses.
2) Tetris Effects - A simplistic game of Tetris with the additions of background cinematic and music that helped me mellow through some turbulent times this winter. I don't need to sit and play for hours, but I can boot it up when I want, play a game or two and be satisfied.
3) Spider-Man - A wonderful game with an incredible story that made me laugh and pulled at my heart strings, not too difficult but it didnt make it easy either. Its never a bad time to just swap costume, beat up criminals and corrupt police forces. I look forward to a sequel.


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Oct 6, 2018
My two GOTYs come in response to what I see is the defensive and childish impulse of the industry to get more cinematic. God of War, Spider-Man, RDR2 all praised because they are "like movies." (Don't get me wrong, I love GoW and Spidey. I haven't played RDR.) Here's the thing---video games are video games. They shouldn't all try to be like movies. I like a cinematic game now and then, but I don't see it as a goal in itself to be cinematic.

So my GOTYs were fuckin' games in a year where games tried to be movies. Light spoilers ahead.

1. Minit is a Zelda-style adventure game with Pong graphics where your protagonist finds a cursed sword on the beach. Every 60 seconds, the protagonist dies, which means that every 60 seconds you are able to accomplish something. The reason the game is on my list is its New Game+ mode, where you have 40 seconds each life. Here the game becomes masterfully crafted, where one pixel of wasted movement results in death.

2. Tetris Effect is what happens when you hand Tetris, and probably some drugs, to the Lumines guy. The game defies verbal explanation. Pop it in, put on headphones, turn off the lights, and just let it wash over you.


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Sep 7, 2018
Ok, so, as I liked a lot the style of Sampson posts I decided to make a few banners to announce my top "games I liked a lot in 2018", first of all I would want to say that I don't usually follow the "only games from the year" rule because I don't usually play games from the year itself, in fact my favorite game of the year came out in November 2016, anyway, here is a selection of games I liked a lot in 2018, hope you enjoy it.


Game was really special, I really love languages and the process we all do to learn a new one, the rules, the forms, etc... and this game it's exactly that, you are literally talking with an alien AI trying to understand what happened on that planet and the thing is that you must learn the language and discover that, while the game gives you a journal as a guide, I opted to use paper and pencil and write all the things like if it was a physical thing, maybe that's why I loved so much this experience, I fell in love with this game and that's why Sethian is my favorite one of 2018.


You know those short experiences that gives you a really great moment but they are also really weird? Paratopic is one of those magical and wonderful games. Don't want to spoil anything (although the "story" is open to interpretation) but let's say it mixes dark novels, a bit of paranormal things and something else, really cool experience, it's short, intense and you will probably enjoy it, take a look.

Sunset Overdrive

The time has come, Sunset overdrive is, probably, one of the most underrated games of this generation, and that's crazy, it's really fun, characters are cool and if you like insomniac games you will freaking love this one, great movement, massive city, cool and imaginative weapons, seriously, it was really great, did 100% of the game and had tons of fun, this will probably be one of my games of the generation (at least AAA) to be honest, really recommended.


One of those games with a really cool mechanic that makes you think twice about your next move could be ECHO, let's put it simple, from time to time there's a blackout and once the lights come live again all the movements you have made until that moment are now replicated by your enemies, copies of yourself on a very dangerous but really beautiful structure with infinite corridors, the palace, a planetary size place that will be your test to find out the truth about some things.

Just Shapes and Beats

This will be a short description but I think it will tell everything you need to know about this game. A bad guy does bad things and you need to defeat with rhythm and style.


GRIS is probably one of the most beautiful games I have ever played, a story about the lose of something, it's mostly a piece of art rather than a game but it's something magic, Music is amazing, every part of the scenery looks amazing, and it's a really beautiful but sad story, would recommend it a lot, it's short but worthy.


It's one of the best examples of the possibilities the VR has to offer, Quill is an amazing character, the game is really beautiful, plays well and it's really curious how everything changes with this new perspective, hopefully the second chapter will come soon enough to continue this story but as for now, Moss is a really great VR game with an awesome character that is cute and brave.

Virtual Virtual Reality

I didn't expect anything from this game, in fact, I knew very little of it but I found something really cool, in fact I can tell that IMO it's like a portal spiritual successor somehow by how it develops, the characters and the story behind the story, it was something really special that climbed into my personal top of favorite games from last year, was really cool.

Hope yo liked this post and hopefully you will enjoy any of this games too in case you play them.


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Sep 20, 2018
My games of the year, in no particular order, is probably as follows:

MTG Arena
Forza Horizon 4
God of War
Into the Breach

Honorable Mentions, mainly because I haven't sunk my teeth into them enough to call 'em, but would still be GOTY material for me:
Hitman 2
Assassin's Creed Odyssey