News LTT @ CES2019 | Pimax 5K Plus impressions; Lots of improvements!


Sep 7, 2018

Overall, Pimax has improved their VR headset across the board, making Linus interested in it again. Good, quick watch.
In short what has been improved massively:
- distorted image at edges
- bad tracking latency
- LCD screen

The 5 Plus has a better screen, better than Vive. Larger FOV is done better with improved lense edge distortion. Much lower screendoor effect.
At 2x2560x1440 screens, 90Hz and 200° FOV, it's arguably a good choice even compared to its big brother, the 8K. That only does 80Hz but has 2 4K screens. Can you drive 2 4k screens at +80fps with today's hardware though?

Pimax 5K Plus costs $699, 8K $899. Enthusiast-oriented.
If you're still on the fence, you can buy and send me the 5K Plus. I'll playtest it and report here..... :tightly-closed-eyes:

Linus first did a video on the Pimax 8K back in late 2017 and wasn't impressed. So, this is good news.
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Dec 22, 2018
Definitely interested in the 5K one too.. Only VR games I play are standing/sitting so should be perfect for me.
But for now Oculus will do.