Community Podcast talk: shows, apps, recommendations

Dec 6, 2018
I can't be the only one who spends an inordinate amount of time listening to these while playing games, commuting, cleaning, and other stuff. So let's talk podcasts! I've been trying to diversify my feed a little and was hoping to both share and read others' recommendations. Here are mine, grouped as best as possible.

8-4 Play, Giant Bombcast, Beastcast, Giant Bombcast Aftermath, Idle Thumbs (RIP), The Crate & Crowbar

Spooky casts
Mysterious Universe, Astonishing Legends, Welcome to Nightvale

Last Podcast on the Left, The Dollop

All Systems Goku (Dan & Jeff from Giant Bomb talk DBZ), The Director's Cut (interviews with filmmakers), Hardcore History (needs no introduction, I assume)

While we're at it, what are your preferred apps/services to listen to podcasts? I'm currently on Pocket Casts (desktop and iOS). Works pretty well, though I haven't been to hot on the latest update. Still getting used to the archive feature and trying to tag all my shows properly. Was thinking of switching back to Overcast, but the annual fee irks me a little. Gave Castro a shot, but I think I'm starting to reach that phase where I'd rather not have to learn an all new interface...
Nov 14, 2018
I'm virtually a mono-interest podcast listener since whilst I'd like to listen to a broader range of music and science podcasts, there's already too many out there with too big a backlog for me to comprehend (I always start from episode one...which means some of the podcasts I listen to are ancient! I'm only at Episode 8 of Idle Thumbs so that puts me back around 2008. Nevertheless good content is good content, and it's nice to reflect back on history.) Chuck in the occasional audiobook and radio....I thought my gaming backlog was bad! I almost get no time to listen to music these days.....

Also, I'm weird - I don't use a smartphone and all my listening is done exclusively on a Sony NWZA-15 Walkman, with wired over ear headphones. Which means I download every episode via each sites archive..thanks to decent preservation and hosting. My dog feels like I'm ignoring her when we go out walking. :confused:

My list is nothing unusual, is basically retro and Souls themed, but here it is -

Watch Out for Fireballs - love this one, and I want Gary and Kole as real life buddies.

Bonfireside Chat - Soulsbourne dissection area by area game by game. Same presenters as reality the Duckfeed network is well worth a look.

Retronauts - Self explanatory levels of greatness.

Don't Give Up Skeleton - People talk about their Soulsbourne experiences.

Twin Humanites - More Souls talk!

Idle Thumbs - from where I am in the archive I'm retro but it's a nice broad gameplay discussion from people behind the curtain.

Digital Logik - PC gaming podcast. Does what it says on the tin.

Cane and Rinse - They take a game and talk about it in depth...I'm a bit more selective on the episodes I listen to here because I don't want things spoiled and some games hold no interest for me.

Back In My Play - set up by gaf'er Kevin Larrabee, I really enjoy this more personal enthusiastic look at older games. Plus it helped me discover Mike Mika who seems like a super guy.

New Game Plus - of all of these it's probably my guilty pleasure and the most "group of guys talk about old game". But again, I'm at that point where it'd be nice to consider these guys as friends I haven't met yet.

And bonus podcast for listening to at my desktop - Podquisition. It's Jim Sterling talking about stuff with Gavin Dunne and Laura Kate Dale. I thought I'd hate this because of the irreverence, and I imagine it's marmite (British colloquialism for love/hate), but I actually look forward to each new episode!

Heavily retro but I don't have much experience of new games (budget and backlog) so I guess that's where I am at the moment. Don't much is new for the avid podcaster but they keep me busy.