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May 5, 2019

where are my fellow elderlies?
I do remember stuff like this, yep. Especially playing games, of course :D

I also remember my first time using the web and how amazing that was; it was at a trade faire. I didnt know any URLs so just clicked on a bunch of random interesting links that were presented (Im guessing Yahoo, AltaVista or Lycos startpage, but I cant remember exactly, it was ages ago)


Apr 19, 2019

where are my fellow elderlies?
When I was 10 there was no internet but I used to go to my friends house and played the shit out of all the demo disks and shareware he had. The desk was literally on top of a flight of stairs so we had to be carefull not to tilt the chair too far back otherwise we'd come rolling down (it happened and unreasonable high amount of times...).
It's kinda sad imagining kids from now on will never know what it is to grow up without internet.
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Panda Pedinte

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Sep 20, 2018
I also have a lot of memories going on my neighbors house to play games on their PCs.

The first contact I haf with Half Life was with its demo! Using a mouse to aim was such an alien concept that I only grasped much years later.

I also remember playing Carmaggedon, Tomb Raiders, a lot of Star Wars games and so on with my neighbors.