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Chilling in the Megastructure
Nov 12, 2018
Do you like writing? Then this is the thread for you!

What do you write? Have you published anything or do you plan to? Discuss.
Also, sharing writing tips and/or ressources is encouraged :)

As for me, I like writing as a hobby (mostly in German, but I'll try to write my new stuff in English as well). I've more recently written a 15k words fantasy short story (titled "The Valley of Raining Swords") and have an older 140k words long fantasy epic (with the amazingly creative name "Blood"), neither are published yet. I plan on getting the 15k story on Amazon eventually and kinda don't want to publish the 140k one because it's only part 1 of a longer series, ends on a big cliffhanger and I don't really want to commit to writing the rest right now, haha (it would be awesome though). Which is incidentally the reason why I shifted to shorter and complete stories (that may or may not leave room for sequels, but are whole on their own).

Right now I started working on a new short story going by the name "The Weeping Forest" (that's the one I posted in the Steam thread). It's going to be set up in an episodic way, where it will be a complete story on its own but I could easily write more short stories using the same setting and main character. There could be a loose overarching plot about the MCs backstory as well, if I wanted (I have some really cool ideas about this).

I can share some more details about those other 2 stories as well, if folks are interested, and maybe I even have an e-book or two lying around :p

Feel free to share your stories/ideas as well, if you want to. Doesn't need to be in English either, since we're a pretty multinational community here, so hopefully we'll have some interested people for any language :)

Paging Hektor


Nov 1, 2018
A snippet of the cyberpunk novel i will never finish


Godfather of Waste, Trashmonger, King of the Disposed, on my investigation I came across many names, all pointing to the same person. I had never heard of him before, yet it seemed like his existence was common knowledge in this city. Everyone had a story or a rumor to tell, and they all did with reverence in their voice. Now it was my turn to weave a tale of his.

I swung myself onto my bike and made my way into his supposed dominion, the metal desert.
A giant field of waste, from entire scrapped oil tankers to old electronics, no less big than any major city, commonly thought a graveyard to those who never ventured here, yet, against public belief, full of life. Screaking in the corners, hiding in the shadows, watching, lurking.

I arrived at the place I was supposed to find him or rather, “where he would find me” as I was told. A circular clearing in a forest of antennas and metal waste. Improvised seats were built, all directed towards the center of the clearing, and in that Center, there was an elevation built out of what seemed to be rusty wings of airplanes. It almost looked like an improvised boxing ring, the kind you could find in the hidden cellar of any decent bar in the city.

I could already tell what would happen soon, I’ve read one too many trashy novellas not to.
The last time I fought it ended with two broken ribs for me. It won’t this time I told myself and awaited his arrival.

I waited a damn long time. 5 minutes. 15 Minutes. 30 minutes. I started thinking I had been lied to and got myself ready to consider this a dead end. Yet I could not shake off the feeling that I was being watched. The more I thought about it, the more intense that feeling became, eyes drilling themselves through me, observing me to every pore. I was creeped out, to say the least. I lost my patience.

“I know you’re watching me! I am coming in peace; all I need is some information! Tell me what I need to know and I won’t disturb you any further!” no answer, no reply, no reaction. Just more eyes on me. With raised hands I shouted, “I am here for the Trashmonger! I was told that he would be here!”. Still nothing. But then I heard it. Steps in my back. “Calm yourself Mr. Deacon.” An old, cranky voice said. “In my age, sometimes you fall and then you need an hour to get back onto your feet”.

As I turned around, I was allowed to add a face to the voice I just heard. An old, worn out face, probably 80 years upwards, the hair he was missing on his mostly bald head he made more than up for with his impressively long beard. My eyes drifted further and laid themselves upon his details. His body was hulled in a basic, brown raincoat, most likely the least impressive piece of cloth I had ever seen. In his left he held himself on a makeshift cane, on his right, a young teen, holding him as well.

They both slowly took steps towards the makeshift seats and upon arrival, the old man sat himself upon one. Letting himself fall upon one to be more precise. The best years of his life he obviously had behind him. He begged me to come, so I did, seating myself to his left. “His chocolate side” as he would later tell me.

“You too have been wronged, haven’t you?” he asked.
“I’m searching for my sister.” I replied, “She went missing many years ago.”
“You won’t find her here.” A sigh. “You still remember her. But this is a place for the forgotten.”
“I was told you might have information that could lead me to her.”
“Information I have plenty, yet what is information to a shackled mind? It is rain, pouring onto a sea.”
“I don’t think I follow.”
“I forgot.” A sadness appeared on his face. “You don’t even remember rain, do you?”
“My mom used to tell me stories about it. Sad ones, usually.”
“Words cannot convey the feeling that is your coat and pants becoming soaked during a heavy storm nor can they gift you the scent of it. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to smell it once more. Yet that time has passed and with its passing, appreciation came, the curse of man. But don’t let this old man drift away into his fantasies. You came for a purpose and so did I.” The old man planted his crane into the ground, resting his hands on it.

“For that information you seek to plant new seeds, you need to turn your mind into a desert first.”
“I’m always open to new ideas. That’s part of my job. Or used to be I suppose.”
“I’m not asking you to be open minded. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have come here.”
The old man laid himself back, crossing his legs. “I’m asking you to let your sanity run through the palm of your hands, to be reborn. If you truly seek answers,” a most serious expression formed itself upon the man’s face, “Then Deacon needs to die.”


“Grandpa! Grandpa!” a sudden shout disrupted the conversation. “Canisha is hurt! Canisha is hurt!”.
In came two boys, carrying a girl with a nasty wound. I was no doctor, but I think that’s what a professional would have called ‘one real fucked up leg’. The bone stood out and went straight sideways. Ouch. “Lay her on the ground, carefully” the old man said with raised voice and the children listened. The girl cried in pain, but her tears dried up as the old man told her to remain calm. It was as if his voice reached into these children’s inner soul. “Deacon, would you help me please?”, I nodded. “Please hold her down while I commence the procedure”. The old man fell onto his knees to attend her wound and I grabbed the girl by her shoulders. Before I even understood what was about to happen the old man pushed the bone back into position. The girl gave off a hellish scream, or was that me? One would have thought an ex-detective would have been used to these sights, but it was always calming to me that the bodies I inspected were dead ones. In between me taking the lords name in vain, the old man asked the boys what had happened. Apparently someone had given off a shot at them while they were out scavenging and she slipped down somewhere in the process of running away. Hunters. I’ve heard of them before. Sadistic fucks. But the metal desert is outside any legal jurisdiction, meaning what they’re doing is legal.

“My back isn’t made for this” the old man said, as he took a piece of cloth and a stick of metal to attend the wound. “But if I won’t do it, no one will Deacon. That’s what it means to take responsibility.” I nodded. He might have had a weird attitude to him, but he was a man I could respect, something that became increasingly rare.

After the wound had been attended, the old man fetches his crane as the two boys helped the girl upwards. It looked messy and the cloth had already been soaked with blood, but it was the best they could do out here. The girl thanked the old man in a heartwarming display of human affection before she and the boys left the clearing.

“Now then Deacon, are you ready to take responsibility?”
“I’m still not sure what for. What was that about me dying again?”
“You’ll see, you’ll see. Would you mind following me into my apartment? It’s just a short walk southwards.”
“I don’t even know your name yet.”
“I have no name Deacon. Call me Dieter if you want.”


After a short walk that felt like hours, we finally arrived at the old man’s apartment. The bridge of an old ship repurposed into something that almost feels like a home.

“There we are. It might not look like much, but to me, it’s everything. Are you ready to enter Deacon? Be aware, for when you enter the door of truth, a different person will leave in your stead.”
“I swore myself that I will do whatever I have to. I won’t let a metaphor get in the way of it.”


He handed me a paper showing a stylized flower, a blue lily.
“Do you recognize this sign?”
“I don’t think so”
“Of course not. It’s not a sign the Jedi would show you.”
“The Jedi?”
A sigh. “Despite my age, I’m just a child who has lost the color in their hair… Or the hair itself.”
“Everyone is, if you really think about it.”
“You are a wise man, Deacon. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.”
“I’m trying my best”, I said, but did I mean it? I was not sure myself. “So, what’s with the sign?”
“This used to be the emblem of the Gotier family. I suppose a detective such as you is well aware of them.”
“Of course.” I threw my brain into overdrive to recall all public knowledge “They used to be one of the most powerful families in the world under Patriarch Pavlon Gotier, only second to the Xiao-Ming Dynasty. Amazon, Disney, the Charlemagne news media network, most likely politicians as well, if it existed in the western world, they owned it, but outward pressure slowly resulted in them losing ground to the Chinese and Arabs. Then, after Patriarch Pavlons death, his heir and son Ivan took the position of the patriarch. He cemented his family’s position in Europe, retook what was lost in the US and began dealing blows to the Chinese, making his family the now biggest there is.” Of course, that was only the public truth. Pavlon Gotier did not just die, he disappeared. It was often speculated that he was made to, but no evidence could be found to further that theory and the case was soon closed.

In reference to Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head lol..

Feedback appreciated.

I really enoy writing, but i gotta be honest, i have started a bunch of novels and never finished a single one because eventually i lost motivation and started something else.

I do have a bunch of finished short stores and poems tho, but i can't post them because i only have print copies of them left after a harddrive failure.


Chilling in the Megastructure
Nov 12, 2018
I really enoy writing, but i gotta be honest, i have started a bunch of novels and never finished a single one because eventually i lost motivation and started something else.
Ha, I know that feeling. I have like half a dozen things started (though most of them are in a state of having written the beginning of the beginning or some cool out of context scene). And far more lying around in my head :p

Are you writing in german and "translate" if afterwards, or directly in English?


Nov 1, 2018
Ha, I know that feeling. I have like half a dozen things started (though most of them are in a state of having written the beginning of the beginning or some cool out of context scene). And far more lying around in my head :p

Are you writing in german and "translate" if afterwards, or directly in English?
That greatly varies depending on my mood, but that novel in particular i started writing in english out of the gate.
English feels more "natural" for a sci-fi setting than german to me.

Apart from that i had also started a cyber-witch novel in english, a fantasy novel in german and, mhm, i guess a "lorebook" for that fantasy setting in german
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Apr 18, 2019
Writing different stories, although right now I'm mostly focused in a scifi story, starting lighthearted with an adventure feeling like Star Trek, but planning to take a darker take later and with more POV characters.

Since Spanish is my native language, I'm writing them in said language. But I have translated at least some chapters of the first book chronologically. I'll share something.

She knew she had to take it easy, to not let her emotions overtake her, to continue showing a straight face while the commodore was giving his speech, but it was getting harder and harder each minute. And that was because, after he ended, it was Sadie’s turn to get into that podium and face the crew of the Minya… Her new crew.

Personally, she still couldn’t understand how she got promoted to be the new captain of the UHA Minya. A couple of months ago, Admiral Coyote contacted the Lexington to tell her XO the news, Sadie couldn’t believe it. At first, she thought it was a bad joke, but then she realized it wasn’t April Fools. Then she observed the admiral’s face, looking for any sign that would show he was teasing her, or even lying. No, he was as serious as ever. A few seconds later, Sadie had to accept that she received the promotion. Captain of the UHA Minya, the ship that Victor Oklakov commanded, and which he was going to relinquish command soon since he also received a promotion, but to commodore. That was why she was awaiting the moment when Oklakov ended his speech. Keeping that straight face was more difficult than she originally thought.

“And in all these years of services, I finally learned how to be a good captain,” continued Commodore Oklakov, “All of you have proven me that no matter the background, we can all work together as a team. You are my biggest pride. My companions, my friends. If I had to trust you all with my life, I would without a second thought,” applause from the crew, including Commander Martin. Meanwhile, Admiral Coyote was observing Oklakov in complete silence. Sadie lowered her face, expecting soon to be her turn to talk. She had practiced her speech countless times, but she wasn’t ready yet. What if she mispronounced a word? Or if she spoke too fast?

“Is something wrong?” a familiar voice spoke. Sadie realized it was the admiral who was talking. Trying her best to maintain the same expression, she said no. Coyote continued staring at the commodore for a while. “This is your first test, captain. If you fail, it will be harder to connect with your crew,” yes, she knew that very well. That was why she was so nervous. If she somehow messed up her speech... “That said, knowing you, I’m sure your speech will be something memorable. Have faith in yourself, Captain Carter.”

That title still felt odd and funny. She was so used being called commander, but now captain… It certainly would take time get used to it.
“And with this, I’ll leave you to my successor. Come forward, Captain Carter,” that was it. Sadie gulped before forcing her trembling legs to move. Slowly, she approached the podium where her adoptive father was. Before facing the entire crew in the shuttle bay, she approached Commodore Oklakov. Silently, she nodded. While looking his dark blue eyes, Sadie could see pride and respect. Then she approached the podium. When she was in front it, she moved her eyes to see the entire crew. Her new companions. There were dozens of rows with men and women wearing the formal uniform, most of them young like their new captain. Just like Sadie, Oklakov and Coyote, all the crew members were wearing a blue long coat with a yellow stripe in the middle of the piece, and a white shirt behind the coat. Despite using the same style of long coat, not all of them were the same. Depending on the rank inside the navy, an emblem was placed in the right side of the chest. Below the coat, blue leather pants could be seen covering their legs and black shoes their feet. Sadie, Oklakov and Coyote were also wearing white gloves in their hands.

After a few seconds, Sadie opened the holographic screen to read the instructions Coyote sent her.

“From Admiral Bran Coyote to Captain Sadie Carter. You are hereby requested and required to take command of the UHA Minya as of this date, March 20th, 2312 R.SA. Signed by Admiral of the Fleet Bran Coyote and Vice-Admiral Johana Ducreux,” now Sadie closed the screen. Time for the speech. “First of all, I’m honored to be the new commanding officer of this ship. Some of you may know me when I served in the Lexington as the executive officer, others don’t. It doesn’t matter. My name is Sadie Carter. One of the reasons I decided to join the Human Fleet of Gunras was to explore the galaxy and learn more about other civilizations, planets and uncover the mysteries of the final frontier. In the meantime, let’s work together and get to know each other. I’m sure I can expect great things from all of you,” now Sadie approached Commander Martin and shook her hand. Clapping could be heard in the entire shuttle bay. “It is a pleasure to work with you, commander.”

“The pleasure is mine, ma’am.”

“As for the final part of this ceremony, I’ll transfer all my command codes to Captain Carter,” the commodore approached the podium and in the holographic screen he wrote some characters. After he finished, he said some words as voice authentication.

“Voice recognized. Transfer complete. As of this moment, the commanding officer of the UHA Minya is Captain Sadie Carter,” informed the computer.
Now Sadie approached the commodore. “I relieve you, sir.”

“I stand relieved.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“What are your orders, ma’am?” asked Commander Martin.

As protocol, when a captain took command of a ship, they needed to test how the crew worked.

“Everyone, go to your work stations. Commander prepare the bridge. I’ll go soon,” all the crew did the military salute before leaving the shuttle bay, leaving Sadie alone with her two superiors.

“At ease, captain, commodore,” said Coyote when he approached them. “Good speech by the way Carter. Not too long, but not too short either.”
“Thank you, sir.”

“Well, time for us to leave. Hope you first mission goes well.”

Now it was Oklakov’s turn to say goodbye. “Good luck in your first mission, Sadie” without saying anything else, he went to one of the elevators. Coyote followed him.

“Time to work, then,” muttered Sadie. She took another elevator and went straight to the bridge. As soon as she left the lift, the captain felt she took a big important step in her life. Before going to her seat, she observed her new workplace. In many ways, the bridge of the Minya was like the bridge of the Lexington. On the center of the room, in a raised platform, two chairs could be seen next to each other. Commander Martin was sitting on the left chair. In front of the platform two stations were placed, and in each seat an officer was also sitting. At the bottom of the room, a big screen could be seen, showing the space and countless stars and planets on the horizon. Other stations were placed along the walls of the bridge, except on the top where doors could be seen in the corners of the room and the three elevators.

“Captain on the bridge,” said a male voice. Sadie nodded and then approached the Captain’s Chair. After sitting, she faced Martin.

“All right. Our first mission is to extract a group of humans from the Darius system. According to intel, earthquakes have collapsed the entrance to their underground labs. Lieutenant Cortez, send the coordinates of Rana to Lieutenant Duran.


“Have the admiral and commodore left the ship?” Martin confirmed they weren’t inside the Minya. “All right. Take out the ship,” a slight vibration occurred in the entire bridge, indicating the docking clamps were released. On the screen, meanwhile, the space was replaced by a metallic door. Soon, it started to open, letting them see again the space. Closely but surely, the door, or what was still visible, was getting closer, until it completely opened, letting the ship leave the spacedock. When they were outside, Duran pushed a button, allowing the ship to enter the hyperspace. On the screen, the black ocean started being replaced by a blue whirlwind. A few seconds later, the entire screen’s background was blue.

“Estimated time of arrival: two hours,” informed Martin. Sadie nodded.

I would love to also make a game using this universe I created in the future. And, of course, release the books. The fourth one, chronologically, is done, but needs some serious editing. There are some chapters that are too long for their own good, but after doing my own editing and removing parts, they are still long.


Nov 1, 2018
I have.... just done it again.
I started something new.

An Isekai Light Novel about a communist utopia, inspired by a poster on reddit.

Tentatively titled: "After I was involved in an unexpected accident I reawoke in a strange new world and obtained class-consciousness".
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Nov 1, 2018
Some excerpts of the communist isekai

I have created nothing cohesive yet, just scenes like these trying to create a humorous bridge to socialist ideology (as well as some criticism)

"In this world, everybody needs to do their part and shovel some shit" the communist moeblob said. "Here is the shovel", she reached him one with the right while she pointed to a heap of cow dung in the back with the left "and there is the shit"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

„please… pelase… can i have something to drink and…. Eat? I. AM. STARVING.”

“Of course, of course” the little moeblobs screamed, plating the table in clear water and freshly baked bread. Despite the simplicity, a godly meal to those in need, such as Kazuma, who did not held back as he greedily devoured the whole loaf barely chewing.

It did not take long for him to be done, and laying back on the chair, rubbing his belly, he expressed his gratitude.

“Ah, thank you. How much do I owe you? Make it double, consider it a tip”

A gasp went through the room, and the little moes hid behind the counter, doors and pillars.

“Is he…? Is he…?”

“This can’t be…”

“A capitalist!?”


Bianka-chan lets out a frightened gasp.

“Oh no…”

“If you say it, they will put you in the gulag… again!”

The door was swiftly kicked open by two muscular men in uniform.


The little moes all stepped back even further. All, but Bianka-chan.

“It was you again, Bianka-chan, wasn’t it? When will you ever learn?”

“I am sorry….”

“That’s gonna be 2 days in the Gulag for you!”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

As he walked through the city, he came across a well.

Thirsty, he decided to get himself something to drink, until he noticed it was empty. Of water, at least. “Bianka-chan, is that you?”

There she was down in the well, her legs ankled onto her body, her hands plated on her knees, staring frontward onto the moss-ridden wall of the well. But she did not reply.

“What is this?” Kazuma asked his companions.

“This is the Gulag!”

Li Kao

It’s a strange world. Let’s keep it that way.
Jan 28, 2019
Nobody doing Nano this year ?