Support Update about my Wife and her Cancer.


Dec 6, 2018
I posted 18months or so ago about my wife's cancer diagnosis in the MetaSteam thread but wanted to keep this separate from there.

My wife died a few days ago. She was peaceful at the end as her body gave out and was effectively asleep for five days. It's rough losing a loved one and I cannot state enough the importance of getting a support network around you.

My wife was a local legend due to her local council work and county council work as well as charity stuff and many large events she organised. She raised millions of pounds through fundraising and European grants etc. for our town, its people and the county. She won national awards for her council work and was locally awarded the Freedom of the Town, the first to be honoured in this way. She was relentless in her desire to help people.

I've had a shocking amount of support from everyone directly due to how she was loved locally. Just goes to show about putting stuff in to get stuff out.

I grieve but am currently OK. I've been grieving her for a long time now and the outcome of her cancer was known from day one. Grief is just as awful as you might imagine it being but all the rough edges were smoothed off a long time ago. We managed to have all the important conversations you can have and spent a lot of time early in the diagnosis doing stuff we enjoy. The last few months were rough and she was the focus of everything I did from the moment I woke up, There is a void in time now where I'm not sure what I can do with all the extra time that's suddenly appeared.

I am a privileged man to have been her husband.

No idea if I said this before, but this forum has provided a source of relaxation and entertainment to me, so keep it up folks. I, or other folks may not say much but we read the conversation and are grateful,

If any of you out there are struggling with cancer or caring for those with cancer please speak up.


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Jan 12, 2019
Your wife must have been a wonderful person. I'm really sorry for your loss. The world is so unfair sometimes... šŸ˜ž
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Panda Pedinte

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Sep 20, 2018
I'm sorry for your loss kafiend from your descriptions she was awesome and was made the difference in the life of the many people.

I can only offer a virtual hug, but it's a sincere one.
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Sep 20, 2018
Sorry for your loss kafiend
Praying her soul rests in peace.
And sending a huge virtual hug, so that you feel a little bit better.
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Apr 6, 2019
I'm so sorry for your loss, brother.
Sending you a hug, we're here for you.
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May 5, 2019

I am very sorry to hear this, I know I'm a bit late... but the grieving process takes time, anyway. You should take all the time you need to process and grieve, and do it your way. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and anything that helps you is permitted: laugh, cry, shout, be silent, talk... you grieve your own way.

I hope you have people around you that you can lean on and that help you. It isnt easy, and you will have many firsts... first birthday without her, first anniversary without her, first christmas, and so on. Its gonna hit you, its gonna hit you again, and it can hit you out of nowhere and still hurt like it just happened. There might be times when you choke up and realise again that she is gone. Its not gonna be easy, and I wish you all the strength for this journey you have ahead of you.

I also hope you can cherish her, her memory, and treasure the time you had - nobody can take that from you, and in that sense, she will always be a part of you.

I hope this helped a bit. All the best to you.

And yes, she sounded like an amazing person.
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