News Valve releases a companion app for the Dota Plus service


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Jan 20, 2019
Clifton, New Jersey
Today marks the release of a new Dota Plus feature designed to enhance your experience for every Dota Pro Circuit event.

Available now in the iOS App Store[] and the Google Play Store[], the Dota Pro Circuit companion app lets you earn Shards by predicting the winners of DPC matches, compete for even more Shards in the Fantasy Challenge, and follow all of this season's DPC action in real time, all from the comfort and convenience of your mobile device.

You'll be able to wager your personal stash of Plus Shards to predict the winners of DPC matches, with winnings added to your in-game total. The Fantasy Challenge offers the chance for more Shards, as you compete against your friends and the entire world to put together the best roster of pro players at each event. In addition, you'll have access to a dynamic News Feed that features your personalized favorite teams and players, helping you stay on top of every DPC development along the road to The International.

Check out a full list of the app's features here.

Android customers who are unable to access the Google Play Store can find a direct download here.

This week and next is going to be full of Valve goodies hopefully.


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Sep 5, 2018
This week and next is going to be full of Valve goodies hopefully.
good, good ... the more the better :)

almost makes me hope they're saving the really juicy stuff for GDC and now just getting all the small stuff out of the way :p probably not the case ... but ... one can dream :p
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