News Volcanoids (Steampunk drillship survival) coming to Early Access in Jan 2019


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Sep 19, 2018
The Kingdom of Bohemia

Developer: Volcanoid (mostly ex- Keen Software House devs Steam Curator: Keen Software House )
Early Access Release Date: Jan 2019

Set in the steampunk era, you take on an expedition to a forsaken island that you once called home. But sudden eruptions triggered by a mechanical race of beings turned the wondrous place into an apocalyptic wasteland. In order to survive the island’s natural elements, you have to outsmart these creatures and capture one of their drillships. Use their own technology against them as you upgrade the machinery and reclaim your homeland.

Take the vantage point, stay safe underground or choose a material-rich location and explore. The drillship is one of a kind base capable of joining you on every journey.

Experience the tension and thrill of surviving volcanic eruptions. Time between each eruption is your most valuable resource. Use it to roam the island gathering materials, finding new technology and utilizing production.

Deal with a hostile race of robots that use the volcano as a source of energy. Their units are scattered all around the island’s surface as well as below it.

Customize your drillship from the inside out with colors, symbols, gadgets and more. Automate production, research technologies, set up defenses and turn the drillship into an unbreachable powerhouse.

+ ton of otherdevlogs on Volcanoids , First one below
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Careful Icarus
Sep 20, 2018
Had a bit of a play for 30mins or so. Has a bit of a Subnautica vibe, a directed story though not cinematic. Definitely going to keep it up. It's Unity though, so it runs like trash.
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