Discussion What are you currently playing? (Week 17 of 2024)


Romantic Storm
Jun 3, 2020
New week, new thread! What are you playing?

My progress in Helldivers 2 slow down a bit during the week because the Internet at my place was a bit unstable lately. A lot random disconnection here and there. I did have fun killing bugs and bots during the short login time though.

Apart from fighting the galactic war, I finally managed to beat the DLC boss of Fights in Tight Spaces with cards from the base game. Strategy was very limited, which was expected as the boss was hard as fuck even with DLC cards, it was very fun to figure out the right deck for the job. After 225 hours I am still enjoying this game a lot, it is that good.


I <3 Pixels
Oct 21, 2018
I've just completed the main story in the Astlibra DLC (ASTLIBRA Gaiden: The Cave of Phantom Mist).

Of course there's a postgame. Still has incredibly fun moment-to-moment gameplay and addictive progression systems.


Sep 11, 2018
Finished The Gunk earlier today!

It's a solid 7-8 game. Story is a bit too saccharine and self serious and the voice acting doesn't always quite deliver, music's nice and the art style is alright.
Some of the environmental puzzles remind me of 3D Zelda, some similar mechanics such as bomb flowers, and not terribly complicated overall.
Also cleaning up gunk is satisfying.

But instead of jumping straight into my next blitz game (Peregrin), I'm going to play something else.

I bought Umurangi Generation a few days ago so I might play that.
Other options too, like Unheard - Voices of Crime, Tech Support Error Unknown, SCP Secret Files, SuchArt!, Midnight Protocol... those I already have installed and should probably play sooner or later.

Of course I also ended up installing Last Call BBS... we'll see if it's for me or not. Zachtronics is always a bit of a crapshoot if I can get very far in the games. TIS-100 for example I got stuck fairly early, I imagine SHENZHEN I/O is the same, just from looking at the screenshots. EXAPUNKS probably too.

Though I have been thinking lately that maybe I should give TIS another shot. Having done a tiny bit of real programming since I last tried it and having finally understood some programming concepts better, maybe I would get further this time.

Also playing a little Piczle Lines DX+α now and then.

After Image: progressed a bit further, I'm not sure how big this game is but the map seems big and there is maybe too much verticality.
It's quite big, I put about 45 hours into it all told.


Dec 8, 2018
Just finished Moons Of Madness, was OKish I guess, weird issues where the framerate would tank from 130 to like 20 or so in certain areas.

Recently started a new game in Dwarf Fortress :blobevening:
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South Sea Islander
Jul 17, 2021
Manila, Philippines
Xbox: Im trying to beat Pikuniku before it leaves game pass! Charming little game. Also almost done with Star Wars Jedi Survivor, now free on EA Play - definitely play that if you havent already, as its excellent.

Steam: Makoto Wakaido's Case Files Trilogy Deluxe. Pretty straightforward game, a nice detective yarn to play on the Steam Deck. Eiyuden and No Rest for the Wicked are up next, the latter probably not on Deck as its a bear performance wise.

NSW: That Princess Peach game is lighthearted fun!

PS5: Rise of the Ronin is incredibly mediocre, please don't buy it.
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Panda Pedinte

Best Sig Maker on the board!
Sep 20, 2018
I started Harold Halibut and I'm loving it. A slow paced walking simulator was exactly what I'm needing this moment.

I also started Diablo 4 but I'm not feeling it tbh. I guess the only ARPG that I like is PoE? Tried others previously and none grabbed me. I may give it other tries.

Lastly, Super Mario Bros Wonder. Pure joy so far, I haven't played a Mario game in ages.
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May 5, 2019
before the week's over :)

I've been playing some Cyberpunk (finally opened the option to play the DLC in this playthrough, havent gone to the new area yet, the reason for that are the following games)

but mostly: Ion Fury – Aftershock (finished it, liked it a lot, like the main game.. honestly feel like it couldve been a standalone title)

and Phantom Fury (after I watched the reviews, I decided it would still most likely be enjoyable – and it is! Its a bit buggy, but not horribly so; the AI is dumb, but I can live with it...theres some other nitpicks, but my main gripe is the lack of manual/quick saving. I love to "save-scum" ... oh, and its oddly quiet).

Also, some Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning (when that version came out I had started a new playthrough since you couldnt load old saves, but made hardly any progress and let it sit for...years. Eventually I wanna play the new expansion...and just replay the old game a bit while Im at it. Always liked it.)
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Who do you think you are? I am!
Nov 16, 2018
Jakarta, Indonesia
Persona 3 Reload. I'm having fun being a sycophant high schooler to get my high level poke- personas. At least I'm doing it to save the world. Tried Eiyuden Chronicles as well. It's alright but the Persona 3 Reload vn/gameplay loop is tickling my dopamine too hard. (This is the first persona I've seriously tried to play for more than 30 minutes)

Thx for putting this on game pass Sega. Gonna buy Persona 5 on steam now.
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