Q&A Where can I find a VPS for $7 USD/year or less?


Dec 6, 2018
As some of you may or may not be aware, one of the largest domain name registrars on the internet, Alpnames has recently closed its shop in March. Alpnames used to have a lot going for it. It's cheap, not incorporated in the USA, it had plenty of free features like unlimited email hosting, lifetime whois-guard and so on. Features which we would need to pay money to subscribe if they signed up to another registrar. Needless to say, I was one of its happy customers for years. But I digress.

Since my new registrar is now asking for $14/year for email access (the very email I used to sign up to MC), I'm telling them to shove it in their proverbial and I want to get a cheap VPS instead to set up as a smarthost/IMAP server. Normally, I would go with VULTR since they're my go-to VPS provider, but it's still too expensive for my purposes. I've found one from Virmach (Shopping Cart - VirMach) which will run me about $7/year (with a promo code), with basically the following specs:

• 192MB RAM
• 10GB Disk
• 250GB Bandwith @ 1 Gbps
• Shared Intel HT CPU 1 Core @ 1GHz
• 1x IPv4 Addresses
• Chicago IL/Los Angeles CA datacentre location.

Which isn't bad, but I'm open to suggestion if anyone knows of any cheap VPS provider with the above specs, with asking price around $7/year maximum. $5/year is optimal, but less is even better!
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Sep 6, 2018
The cheapest VPS I know of are all $1/month without promo.

For registrars I like namesilo. They give free all the things, whois and whatnot. They also provide free email forwarding, which I know isn't what you're looking for but just thought I'd share.
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