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Oct 19, 2018
The North
Trade here

  1. Be a nice trader. Don't be a douchebag
  2. Don't sell illegal stuff
  3. Trading review, beta, demo codes is not allowed
  4. Only post trade listing. No discussions in this thread
  5. Post your region. NA, EU, Asia or any other regions. This to avoid high payment fees, confusions, region locks
  6. Set prices on all your listings.
  7. Don't spam your listings. You may relist on a new page. Don't delete your old listing and post a new one if you intend to be on the last post.
  8. No giveaways, we have a separate thread for that.
  9. Remove sold items/completed trades
After each successful trade you may want to leave feedback to your trader.
Read this thread for more information

Payment methods
Paypal is the most used method to pay. Payments within same region are often free. International payments will add a huge fee
Revolut is an alternative to Paypal. ganmo has pointed that there is no fee when sending money with Revolut.
TransferWire is also an alternative

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29th April, 2019
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Dec 10, 2018
There's no fee to send money between Revolut users, nor is there any fee to transfer money to a bank account within EU. However I think it is fee free to send money to banks globally. Just make sure to send in correct currency. Good thing is that Revolut can hold different currency ;)

I also recommend TransferWise for sending money.
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Apr 17, 2019

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition (PS4) - $15 shipped
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Something Wicked This Way Comes
Oct 10, 2018
I have Steam keys for a couple of releases that were long removed from Steam.

If anyone is interested, please send me a PM.
Thanks. :)

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

This edition features some differences from the currently available World Tour version, and includes 3 expansion packs that aren't part of the new version.
I'm asking for the retail price of the currently available version, 19,99€.
I'm temporarily dropping the price to 15€, to see if I can fund a game purchase or two. :)

3D Realms Anthology - Steam Edition

This collections features 32 classic games (several of them no longer available on Steam, including the old Duke Nukem games), and a "Re-rockestrated Anthology Soundtrack" (in MP3, WAV, and FLAC), which you can sample here:

The included games are:

Alien Carnage / Halloween Harry
Arctic Adventure
Balls of Steel
Bio Menace
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
Blake Stone: Planet Strike
Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure
Crystal Caves
Dark Ages
Death Rally
Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem 2
Duke Nukem 3D
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Hocus Pocus
Major Stryker
Math Rescue
Monster Bash
Monuments of Mars
Mystic Towers
Pharaoh’s Tomb
Raptor: Call of the Shadows
Realms of Chaos
Rise of the Triad: Dark War
Secret Agent
Shadow Warrior (Classic)
Terminal Velocity
Wacky Wheels
Word Rescue

All games are separate entries on Steam, so each game can be installed individually from your library.
I'm asking for the retail price this release was sold for, which was 36,99€.
I'm temporarily dropping the price to 30€, to see if I can fund a game purchase or two. :)

Again, if anyone is interested, please send me a PM.
Thanks :)

I was a "Plus Seller" on Resetera. You can check my feedback here:
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Something Wicked This Way Comes
Oct 10, 2018
I have a few games from Humble bundles (mostly Monthly bundles), that I wish to sell.
Usually, I would gift most of these on the giveaways topic, but since I got hit with some unexpected expenses, I'm trying to gather funds to purchase the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. ;)

Since a few of these games are region-locked (at least COD: BO 4 is), please note I'm located in Europe.
I can accept Paypal, a Steam digital gift card, or even a few CS:GO/Dota2/TF2 keys or items of decent worth, that I can sell quickly.

I'm also willing to make a bundle with several of these games, for a little less.
And I have plenty of other games from past Humble monthly games, in case anyone is looking for a game in particular.

If anyone is interested, please send me a PM.
thanks. :)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Edition (4€)
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 C.O.D.E. Salute Pack (1€)
LEGO Worlds (3€)
Do Not Feed the Monkeys (2€)
Monster Prom (3€)
She Remembered Caterpillars (2€)
Fight'N Rage (3€)
Slipstream (3€)
Full Metal Furies (3€)
Bleed 2 (2€)
Wizard of Legend (3€)
Battle Chef Brigade (3€)

EDIT: Updated list
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John Wick: Chapter 3 - IN THEATERS
Dec 22, 2018
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Steam, EU) - 47€
Payment: Paypal "Friends and Family" or bank transfer to Finnish bank.
You get the code once I confirm funds on my account
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Something Wicked This Way Comes
Oct 10, 2018
Pathologic 2 - 13€

I have a Steam key for Pathologic 2 (for backing the game on Kickstarter).
The game launches in 3 days, but the key is already available, so you will be able to add the game to your Steam account right away.

I'm looking to get 13€ (which is less than half of the European price of the game), paypal (f&f).
If anyone is interested, please send me a PM.

thanks :)

EDIT: I dropped the price of all my listings, since I'm looking to get funds to purchase a game or two. ;)
If anyone is interested in more than a game, I am willing to make "bundle", with a small discount on top of the asking prices.
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