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Apr 19, 2019

A little bit controversial but I've noticed this myself in the past 3 years or so. Granted copies and ripoffs existed long before and came from all kind of places but there's certainly a concerning pattern in what's happening now and it tracks with their policies and overall government stance.

Panda Pedinte

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Sep 20, 2018

It always interesting watching those videos about unknown games, specially because I'm all into learning more about games developed in other countries.
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May 5, 2019

pretty much perfect summing up of the sense of wonder you get from exploring something for the first time; and why its pretty much impossible to recapture that feeling.

This is mostly about World of Warcraft, but touches on how that same feeling is applicable in other games as well as life itself. Exploring something for the first time, figuring something out for the first time, experiencing something for the first time ... is just fundamentally different than any subsequent time.

In WOW, nothing is quite like the getting-started phase, where everything is new; but new expansions are always a good time, since they change stuff in the mechanics you need to figure out anew, and of course there is a new chunk of the world to explore, and a new adventure waiting. I always love the exploration part the most; and still enjoy that about WOW (and of course other games, like Shadow of the Erdtree recently) ... so, whilst Im likely never gonna play much of Classic WOW, I'll surely keep playing any new expansion they throw out. Even if those never fully live up to the first iteration of the game, theres still that feeling of "this is a cool place to explore!".

(btw, Blizzard is keenly aware of the problem, thats why they do all these "Season of DIscovery" and "Remix" events, where they change stuff around in otherwise well-known content)
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