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Jan 28, 2019
Just played the Chernobylite early access. It's promising stuff but I'll wait for the full launch for this kind of game. It's not STALKER-like in that it's not a seamless open world, it's cut up in missions. You have a home area from which you choose to go to specific missions, probably both main and side missions. Ally npcs (just 1 to start with, apparently you can also tell him to gtfo though I didn't try it) can also be sent to other missions on their own to come back with the spoils if they succeed and the game tracks their health and psyche so inbetween missions you can do stuff for them if you meet the requirements (ie give a health kit if they're wounded). They can also train you or whatever. You get to mission areas through a portal thing you open rather than travel there manually and get back to the hub in the same way after you've completed the primary objective (or stick around to explore the area more). It also tracks the passing of a day with each mission, whatever the significance of that may be. The home area can also be pimped out with survival and crafting equipment as you gather the required bits and pieces from the mission areas. Anyway. It feels nicely polished already except for some funky interfaces and menus that you navigate with weird key combinations rather than just the mouse. Here's how it looks on High settings (it manages to run at mostly 60fps for me like that, with fairly frequent dips but nothing too bad yet). It warns the Ultra settings are experimental and can cause issues even on top of the line hardware. I like how it looks, it's pretty modest and clearly indie but it looks nice except for some grainy look in outdoor areas (I had a couple shots where it was apparent but didn't keep them).
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Jan 26, 2019
I think this is good news, but which shaders can we actually expect to be in ? Marty's qUINT suite would be great to have at a driver level.
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