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별이 빛나는 하늘
Feb 28, 2019
N E W (ish) Stuff. Japan heavy, a couple lives because I like to share the really good lives. Maybe someone will find something they like!

Higeki no Heronine Syndrome
グリーフ / Grief (Orchestral, Live)
Pop / Rock / Alt-Idol

Herosyn is one of my favorite alt-idol groups. They're one of the few groups who sound way better live than they do in albums (due to weird vocal mixing being a bit higher than everything else.) This song is an orchestral live version from one of their tours and it's incredibly pretty. The sweeping violins backing the emotional vocals and graceful dance is really lovely. I'd love to see them live someday.

誰 誰 様
Pop / Rock / Alt-Idol

REGiNA KiSS is constantly overlooked and seems to have no idea what SEO is as searching their name brings up nothing unless you include "band" or "Japan" somewhere. They have criminally low views on youtube and I guess their spotify died due to having like 23 followers (myself included.) Good thing they're models and this is just a side thing, I guess. Regardless, they have two wonderful vocalists who work perfectly together. I can't imagine one without the other. They're usually rock/hard rock but they've been getting a little closer to metal with each track. This song has me excited for their upcoming release which, so figured I'd share the goodness.

Yanakoto Sotto Mute
urunos (Live)
Pop / Rock / Alt-Idol

YSK is usually a bit experimental rock with a grunge tinge to them. They've been getting a little faster/heavier on newer works, which has given the vocalists a lot of time to shine and show their range. Nadeshiko's voice is just as powerful than it was when I first heard them years ago. While they've replaced a member (who didn't seem to contribute much) with a new girl, the entire group is stronger than ever.

Orbit Culture
Open Eye
Melodic Death / Groove Metal

My most anticipated album of the year. I've loved every single thats come out and I'm super excited for the album "Nija" to drop in August. Niklas' vocals are just superb. He has so many vocals styles and blends them together wonderfully well. The instrumentals are intense and have a thrashy touch to them paired with some groove-heavy riifs that I can't help but practically swing along to. HURRY UP AUGUST.

Wolves At The Gate
A Voice In The Violence

I never really paid much attention to this band until they showed up on my spotify radar thingy. They have a lot of energy and sound quite good for a metalcore band. Great harsh and clean vocals that don't sound whiny. The riffs are good and there's a nice heaviness to everything with a really solid melody. The album itself is a good listen and I'm glad I came across it.

Starry Sky
Pop / Electronic /Rock / Metal

PassCode keep putting out really great songs with wonderful melodies, energy, and intensity. Yuna's screams and growls are quite pronounced here, adding a bit more heaviness to their usual style. It's been great watching them continue to grow and evolve their sound while keeping the electro pop metal chaos going. They're a group I'd love to see live as their live videos are quite hype.

Nocturnal Bloodlust
Life is Once
Melodic Deathcore

Nocturnal Bloodlust has been one of my favorite bands for years. It was a bit heartbreaking when their guitarists left due to management issues as Cazqui is a incredible guitarist. With their works since being somewhat of a letdown due to the change in pace and slower, more djent style guitarwork, I never thought I'd hear old NCBL again. A couple months ago they released this track that sounds so much like their old stuff, it makes me very happy. I'm curious to know who the new guitarist is, as their most recent one got busted on drug charges it seems.

Unlucky Morpheus
Unending Sorceress
Symphonic Power Metal / Melodic Death Metal

Fuki is one of the best vocalists in metal and quite possibly my favorite of all time. Her range and power is almost unparalleled in the Japanese metal scene, so seeing her continue down the road of beautiful and heavy power metal keeps me quite happy. With the additional growls and screams introduced by their guitarist, the band is leaning more and more into a dark melodic power/melodeath sound that I hope they continue with. Jill's violins add a gorgeous addition to every song and its hard to imagine Jill and Fuki without one another.

Night Crowned
Melodic Black / Death Metal

Holy CRAP. I am in love with this band. Everything is just dripping with this bloody tinge and blackened grime to it. I know I mention 'intensity' a lot and use melody every other word it seems, but this band wraps up so much of that into a brutal and vicious package that I can't get enough of. The vocals steal the show for me despite how crushing the guitars, bass, and drums are. The drums make my spine rattle and the leads make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. The vocalists hellish lows and demonic highs really stand out to me though as he is a damn demon.


Virtual Ruminant

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May 21, 2020
Today we recommend a potpourri of dance classics from the golden age of house and techno, served on a rich platter of orchestral backing.

Performed live in London's O2 Arena on New Year's Eve 2019.

Alternate studio recording:

Featured tracks:

Rhythim Is Rhythim ‎– Strings Of Life
DJ Rolando - Knights of the Jaguar
Brainbug - Nightmare
Energy 52 - Cafe' del Mar
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See You Hyper-Toxic Computer Cowboy
Dec 8, 2018
And now for you acoustic types here's some "Filk" or Sci-fi Folk.

Carmen Miranda's Ghost ( Is haunting Space Station 3 )

Carmen Miranda’s ghost is haunting space station three
Half the staff have seen her, plus the portmaster and me
And if you think we’ve had too much of Cookie’s home-made rum
Just tell me where those basket hats of fruit keep coming from

Banned From Argo - A Tale of R&R in the Federation.

I'm sure i had some of these tracks on a warbly cassette decades ago but it wasn't until i was watching BlackPantsLegion videos that the sources of some of GOAT's parodies clicked.

Of course Queen started the whole thing off with this according to some.

Though Carmen Miranda's Ghost is awesome i still think this is my favourite. Ever.

Benson, Arizona - Dark Star's Theme
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See You Hyper-Toxic Computer Cowboy
Dec 8, 2018
Somehow i missed these! Yoko Kanno literally jamming with The Seatbelts!

And this "supergroup" version of The Real Folk Blues.

And Mai Yamane & The Seatbelts with more intimate versions as response.

Cowboy Bebop. What a show. Just the whole package.
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