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May 21, 2020
You're out on your way home on a drizzly autumn evening. The last embers of the day glow and then fizzle out quickly.

Somehow, that turn that you always take every day in that little copse between the highway and your house doesn't lead you home tonight. Instead the trees stretch endlessly in every direction. A billowing fog starts creeping along the forest floor and your spine starts tingling. You try and dodge the shadows that now seem threateningly solid. You stumble further and further as the sounds around you are less and less those of a wet forest at night and more and more that of another realm entirely. You burst into a clearing and find yourself confronted with a hole in reality, a portal to the Otherworld. You are helplessly frozen in place as a hundred pairs of terrifying eyes in indescribable alien faces turn towards you. In your last clear-minded moments, you oscillate between despair and incomprehension. Surely this is it. Whatever this is, you're not coming back from it.

But the thing about horror is, it needs someone to tell the tale. And that someone will be you.

You wake up in your bed at home. You faintly hear the sounds of plates being cleared away in the kitchen. Through your window you look at a drizzly morning. You made it. You crossed the threshold of fall and will live to see another winter.

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Nov 1, 2018
new album by Die Ärzte, "Hell"

(first song is not representative btw 😅 )
Only listened to half of it yet but Pauken and Bielefeld are great tracks.

That said i really dont like the album cover, it reminds me of the indian joker meme


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Jun 4, 2019
A song for bad days (or good days to get pumped up)

Background on Bloodywood
Bloodywood is an Indian metal band. The band started out as a combo of Karan Katiyar and Jayant Bhadula making metal covers of pop songs.
They found their current style when they released the song Ari Ari with which they added the rapper Raoul Kerr to the band members. Their style is a mix of traditional metal, Inidan instruments, English rap and Hindi screaming.

Other songs from Bloodywood

A documentation about the first tour of Bloodywood


May 5, 2019
Today we recommend giving that old blues a listen again because it's probably been a while. From the Bastion soundtrack.

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An exquisite song. Stuck with me much longer than the game itself - even though I quite liked Bastion...unfortunately Supergiants subsequent games did not resonate with me in the same way...but the music stayed great, thanks to Darren Korb.
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