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Chilling in the Megastructure
Nov 12, 2018
A while ago I finished watching Blade. It's a bit of a mixed bag. Interestingly, it's the first Kamen Rider show I've watched that actually has 2 different opening songs, and also interestingly these 2 halves they demarcate vary wildly in quality.
The first part is mediocre. The premise is solid, the characters are solid and their relations have interesting dynamics. The biggest problem is that the show feels like it's spinning its wheels for too long. There are sub-plots introduced that never really move forward. It's one step forward and you're excited to see where things are going, but then soon after it's one step back again, repeat.
It has some excellent moments though, but also some really low lows.

Then the 2nd part with a new opening comes along and its immediately a massive improvement. Story starts firing on full cylinders, the sub-plots actually start meaningfully moving forward and it's all really really good.
I'd put the 2nd half on its own quite high on my list in isolation, but it's a bit of a thorny path until you get there, unfortunately.

Currently I'm watching Hibiki, up to episode 3 right now. It's pretty wild.
It has a completely different feel to any Kamen Rider show I've watched so far. The direction, the music, the locations, the entire vibe is just very different. Heck, it's kind of a musical at times if you can believe that. It's fascinating.
I really dig it. :blobeyes:
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Feb 20, 2021
Bumping up this thread for a bit of some recent highlights for me!

Fuuto Pi started airing and it's pretty good for the first 2 episodes! A lot of the scenes from the manga is adapted well and the voice actors did a good job on portray as close as possible to the original actors. Feels good to be able to see W henshin on the big screen again!

Also they are going to release a new W CSM driver and memories with voicelines of the anime which is long awaited since the previous version all doesn't have any voicelines. But too bad we can't have a version with the voices of the original actors though.

Kamen Rider Geats is revealed! Personally I'm very excited with the theme of survival game this time which is similar to Ryuki! The rider design and forms looks great too!
The full press conference for anyone interested!

For ongoing series, Donbrothers is definitely the highlight for me currently as all the character development is very interesting and the sentai robo design is top notch that I even can't resist getting the DonOnitaijin DX! Looking forward to see all the team members grow and how their relationship with each other changes!
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