Community What do you bums do for a living?


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Oct 19, 2018
I work at a digital marketing agency, been here for almost 5 years already.

I handle 2 of our biggest clients digital campaigns and train a new intern or two every 3 months.

I hate interns. Every time a new batch of them pop up in the office, they're younger than the previous batch.


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Jan 1, 2019
Recently left my job, I couldn't handle the manager's incompetence and insistence to let go of 2 of our harder workers and keep a parasite who has been giving out free cigarettes and broke the door to our office.
I've been waiting for what feels like 2 months for Lyft to clear my DMV Check but it's starting to affect my savings, so I'm probably going to go to Uber instead.


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Apr 6, 2019
I'm a software engineer. Used to work with low-level programming and embedded systems, but made the move to work with backend development in the cloud instead.


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Apr 17, 2019
When I was younger I had dreams of being a game developer. I had all these plans and ideas, and then went to college and learned that programming is hard for me to grasp. I still enjoy computers and working with technology. I'm currently a sys admin, pretty much at the entry level. I want to start working on getting certifications, but they can be expensive. I'm trying to get my job to pay for some certs, but I'd use those certs to find a better paying job, so it feels kind of scummy. In recent years I've really gotten into cooking and homebrewing, so my dream is to open a brewpub, but that's a pipedream haha.


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Apr 17, 2019
I work as a caregiver for my younger brother, who was born with cerebral palsy. Took over after my father 5 years ago when he had to quit due to old age.
Prior to that i worked at a supermarket, and to be honest, i kinda miss it at times. Was a bit more social than the work i have now, haha.
But hey, family goes first :)

What i always wanted to do? Working in IT. Studied IT for a couple years a long time ago, but it just didn't work out in the end.


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Apr 17, 2019
Heh, I am literally a bum, meaning I'm homeless and no job.XD But I am a photographer not necessarily to become rich but in the long run make something good. If I just manage by and if I have kids they can get rich of my photos when I'm dead.XD
Nice! I got into photography quite a bit in recent years and sometimes dream of throwing away my career (which I enjoy, even) and trying to go pro. Luckily, I have a family to support, so I won't actually do anything so reckless. Was thinking about starting up a photography or camera thread, but I'm terrible at making good threads...


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Oct 10, 2018
Paris, France
Nice! I got into photography quite a bit in recent years and sometimes dream of throwing away my career (which I enjoy, even) and trying to go pro. Luckily, I have a family to support, so I won't actually do anything so reckless. Was thinking about starting up a photography or camera thread, but I'm terrible at making good threads...
Yeah I was thinking about making an ot too! Just figured there weren't that many into photography in here.XD but yeah now I think I might!:D


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Sep 19, 2018
United States
My day job is as a Process Engineer. I actually have a Ph.D in Materials Science, though I have no real love for it. The pay is actually pretty decent for not being super techy (though it can creep in from time to time, I work with components that end up becoming part of larger arrays like capacitors and such).

I contribute to RPG Site as a hobby.


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Dec 21, 2018
I'm jobless. By that i mean i'm still a college student. I currently major in Journalism (even though i don't want to be a journalist), and i have been a college student for 8 months (yup, still a long way to go!). Anyway, i think there's not a lot of students with part-time jobs where i live and i'm no different.


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Apr 18, 2019
I work as a database administrator for a large software company in the UK. I did originally do a degree and PhD in Chemistry, but found I was spending more and more time collating and manipulating data, so made the switch to IT about 20 years ago. I can work remotely most of the time, so don't have to go into the office too often, which is great, particularly as I live about 300 miles away from it...


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Dec 2, 2018
Assisstant work at a lawyer's office, but my biggest source of income is renting out my house.

What I'd like to say is about a billion other creative things (writing/game dev/Youtube) but I've made maybe a cumulative $400 from that over like 5 years, if that.


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Apr 17, 2019
Four days a week I work as a clinical neuropsychologist (in a neurorehabilitation unit with patients that suffered from strokes, traumatic brain injuries, various neurological diseases and brain tumors). My role is twofold: 1) when possible, conducting a (usually) thorough cognitive assessment and determine whether a person can work/study/drive/etc again, 2) devise a rehabilitation program tailored to the patient's needs and also deal with the more "psychotherapeutic" side of things (i.e., teach them how their cognitive impairment can affect their life, how to deal with it and most importantly how to minimize the chances of it slowly eroding their relationship with their loved ones)

One day a week I work as a jack of all trades (the "master of none" part is key, as I'm completely self-taught) software developer for our cognitive neuroscience research lab. It's not very impressive stuff, but I have to do everything myself (design, 3D modelling and texturing, programming). It's mostly VR or stuff involving eye trackers.

My dream is to quit everything and become an indie game dev... But that's never going to happen.


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Sep 5, 2018
Sadly it took me ages to finish my studies (two MSc and a MAS)... which means I'm well over 30 and have been working for only 3~ years. Basically I don't have enough dinero to start pursuing pipe dreams. Maybe one day, when I finally win the lottery :whistle:.
it's never too late! :)

and you can always slowly chip away at it in your spare time (however little of it you might actually have) ... you'll eventually get there in the end!


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Apr 17, 2019
I do statistics for a huge food company from my country...statistics about sales, productivity, logistics and so on. I spend most of my day looking at numbers, basically. I have a small team under me and sometimes i advice about new tech. Its a nice job, i like it. But i want to retire before i reach 50 y/o.


Apr 17, 2019
I'm a florist/floral designer. It's never been what I aimed to be, and started out as a part time job I took while unemployed. I ended up being good at it and enjoying it, so it turned full-time. Now I've been doing it for 12 years so I guess that's what I'll keep doing. The pay isn't amazing, but it's also a pretty low-key job and is only really stressful a couple of times per year or when doing large events. It acts as a creative outlet, and there is variation in what I do each day which I like. Being on my feet for 8 hours a day and working with the general public sucks though.

I don't really know what I ever wanted to be, tbh. I went to school for 2D/3D Animation with dreams of working at a game company(I was young and naive, and everyone told me to do what I was passionate about), but I quickly realized it wasn't something I actually enjoyed doing. Still, I learned a lot about design and color which helps me now.

If I could do it all over again I'd probably do something more technical, that pays better and involves more time on my ass.

deftones r cool

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Apr 19, 2019
Used to drive around to different hospitals here in Michigan. and recycle for them. The pay was decent, but the job was gross. Sick people make me anxious, and I'm too empathetic to be around them day after day.

Had to quit when my mom fell ill. I tried going back to school, not satisfied w/ either my film school certificate or my associate in lib arts, but couldn't focus much due to familial issues, and tbh... girl problems (oy vey). Currently just Doordashing my way through life, trying to ignore the abysmal pay, which is hard given the fact that I live in a 3 br house alone w/ my dog and have all the expenses that come w/ that.

I do like being on the road a lot though, and I spend most of my time in much nicer areas than where I live. Ordering food for a living is odd, especially when you can often pull $14/15 an hour + the occasional tip, and you see employees hustling their butts off at restaurants for much less. I literally wait in lines, listen to Retronauts, and read books in my car for a living.

Nevertheless, I'm the type of guy who needs more structure, so I'm planning on starting work at Volkswagen customer care early next month unless something else comes up.

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Apr 4, 2019
And is it what you always wanted to do?
I work in a biscuit factory through an agency, so I'm not guaranteed a full week of work. Even though the work is fine and the people are nice enough to the extent that I wouldn't want to leave, it's not what I always wanted to do but due to me not taking advantage of my education and being indecisive, it's where I ended up for now.
I always wanted to be an actor, but because you gotta be realistic I looked for a more likely career.
That's very true.
So confronted with the decision of working with words (I love words!) or working with tech (I love tech!) I chose tech, money being the deciding factor here, I gotta be honest.

Some years and a short departure into electrical engineering later, I'm doing IT.
That's really nice. It's great that you're doing a job that you like since you mentioned that you love tech, plus there's nothing wrong with money being the deciding factor - we have to make a living somehow!
What about the rest of you?
After work and in my spare time, I'm working on a small video game that's in the planning stages, plus I need to learn how to actually create it using Unity and there's other stuff like animation that I need to learn, so it's a long ways off. It's a hobby thing but I wouldn't mind it being profitable enough for me to feel more financially stable in my life. There are too many great games on Steam, so I'm not very optimistic but I still want to take a crack at it and take a tiny slice of that video game pie. That's basically my dream job.

Plus, if I do succeed, it will be a sort of redemption for me for wasting years of my life doing nothing.

Seeing others succeed, especially people in forums I love such as this one and ERA (to an extent :p), makes me happy. So anyone else here who's working on a game or any other passion project, I hope you succeed and are proud of it!