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Apr 17, 2019
Pre-Doc (in the sense of working on my doctorate) Assistant, with time divided between research and teaching (well, mostly writing exercises, and exams (and correcting exams), besides a lot of the stuff the professor/post-doc lecturer doesn't have to do).
MD? PhD? PsyD? DD?

In my field, finding a job opening in a hospital to do clinical work is exceedingly difficult (i.e., out of 15 people who earned a master in advanced studies in neuropsychology only 2 managed to find a proper job). Most people I know went for a PhD because they couldn't find anything else.
I was lucky, though... The hospital where I worked as an intern hired me as soon as my internship ended... Not because I'm an amazing therapist but because I had skills unrelated to my field (software dev) that are uncommon for somebody that studied psychology and neuroscience. Also, I'm a guy and I work a field where 95% are women (my first year of uni: 5-10 guys for 300+ students).
But yes, this makes it really really unlikely that I'll ever enroll in a PhD program (I'd get less than half of my current pay and it wouldn't open any doors to new opportunities, not even an increase in salary).
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Sep 20, 2018
MD? PhD? PsyD? DD?
PhD in Computer Science. And yeah, the pay is clearly lower than what I'd get when working in corporate sector. I don't really mind though, I love what I do, people I'm working with are great and it's great to work on stuff you find fascinating (though teaching can be a bit annoying at times).
I could always find a job in private industry (in fact I know a few people who made their PhD and got them selves some fairly impressive positions at larger companies), lots of jobs in Computer Science, though I actually like working in research, so I'd aim for that first.


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I sell valves for industrial purposes, steam mostly.

No joke.

It's as boring as it sounds. We're part of a worldwide US company who don't know a damn thing about how to manage people (not true : they know one way, the one that makes people resign and find another job where they're not treated like cattle).

Thankfully I work for a small division of this Leviathan with a boss who knows how to make people happy in their job, who doesn't care about their politics so we still have autonomy and we can work without being (too much) disturbed by uneffective and stupid corporate decisions.

Can't complain about my job.


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Oct 4, 2018
Brooklyn, NY
Not employed yet, but I am planning on starting a video game development/publishing business after finishing the Spring semester at City Tech. I am currently reading on how to start an LLC so that my personal assets are protected. I've asked a friend to join me with working on some game prototypes in Unity3D and have my mom help me with the business.

Also, I am trying to balance my college work time and my company time, so I am expecting some drawbacks.