Community Gaming Screenshots 2019


Dead & Forgotten
Sep 5, 2018
I never actually tried it before today, but turned out that my PC can actually handle Vesperia at 4K. I've been playing at 1440p all this time lol.

Even though it's an old gen game, the artstyle helps a lot. I wish more JRPGs go back to adapt this kind of artstyle with slightly chibi characters.
yeah, looks great ... i'm SO happy they ported that one as well! :D


Nov 12, 2018
Recently got gifted Shadow of the Tomb Raider which is a game I have been looking forward to playing for a while!

It is a mighty fine looking game especially in motion as it runs really well. Modern Lara still being Lara, just ignoring everything emotionally that is happening around her and just wants to raid tombs, while also being selfishly upset about everything that has happened to her. Even more jarring in this game with how the intro plays out, they could of gone a completely different route but seemed to just shrug it off and back to raiding tombs!

Anyways, screenshot!