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Sep 5, 2018

  • Any and all credit for this thread goes to the amazing MRORANGE! (who isn't with us just yet, so he couldn't create the thread himself)

  • Happy new year to everyone! A big thanks to those submitting games this month!
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Feudal Alloy - NeuralProxy

A tin robot branding a sword in a steampunk medieval world with a fish in a bowl as its head. I mean, you can't really think of a better lead character than this, can you? Oh, and the robot is called Attu, or maybe it was the fish... or maybe both, I don't know. The funny thing is that Attu Games is also the name of the Czech studio making the game.​

Feudal Alloy is a hand-drawn action adventure 2D game with metroidvania mechanics that promises to give the player full power on how to develop the main character and to offer different routes to take and different enemies to face depending on how you feel inclined and on which skills you chose to acquire.​

Will Attu and the fish (or maybe it's a single being? Really, I don't know) be able to find their way home? Let's find out on January 17.​

Onimusha - The Queen

Onimusha for me is one of capcoms hidden gems and for anyone who likes souls games or that formula i feel this is kinder where that sort of genre started, capcom peaked for me with onimusha games. i cannot recommend this game enough to anyone, its also getting a giveaway on the scale yakuza did by me​

SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal - † Echo †

Senran Kagura Burst Re;Newal is out on the 22nd of this month, and comes to us by way of Marvelous/XSeed. Senran Kagura is best described these days as a 3D musou/brawler with intense boss fights, a big heap of fanservice, and a quite long character roster. Despite it's outward appearance the Senran Kagura series is often praised for having a surprisingly dark story and strong character arcs. This game in particular is a remake of the very first Senran Kagura which originally debuted on the 3DS with much more simple side-scrolling action. Re:Newal takes the original game and makes it fully 3D, improves the graphics to a more modern level, adds collectibles, and new battle mechanics which we haven't seen even in the more current Senran Kagura titles. This title does not have pre-order bonuses, but comes in a normal and "Tailor-Made" Limited edition. The LE will come with a digital OST clocking in at 58 tracks, and 4 Special DLC.​

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition - texhnolyze

JRPG fans darling Tales of Vesperia is probably the best game in a long line of Tales of games, all of which have prided themselves on great storytelling, lovable characters, and a unique free-action battle system. 10 years after it was originally released, it's finally coming out on Steam in the form of "Definitive Edition" with updated full HD graphics, brand-new music tracks and mini-games, bosses, and a collection of unreleased costume DLC . Tales of Vesperia is a tale of trust, friendship, and adventure which most JRPG fans should experience. Beautifully rendered in cell-shaded anime artstyle, it’ll be hard not to find yourself thoroughly enjoying everything about this engaging JRPG.​


More than 13 years and F.E.A.R. is one of the most visceral shooters out there, the combination of its frantic shooting game-play and AI that still stands up today and even better in some regards. It's a classic for any PC gamer and a game that everyone should at least play once. The game is just a fun shooter and one of my favourite of all time, include bullet time, horror elements and shit-ton of particle effects and you understand why people still love this game. I highly recommend if you are revisiting the game to play without slow-mo on the highest difficulty. brings a whole new challenge to the game.​

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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - MRORANGE

Get the achievement: The Devil is in the Details​

You must choose Super Street Fighter II: Turbo and reach Akuma, this requires you not to lose any matches or rounds. Luckily you have save states to help you out on this one.​

People who have completed the challenge:​


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saviour of worlds
Nov 12, 2018
Vespy has one thing going for it, it's the best looking Tales games ever, later 3D Tales games look pretty bad in comparison.
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Someone please take me to AA
Sep 20, 2018
Not buying vesperia day 1, too pricey, especially with RE2 coming out this month. Already played the 360 version without the new content though.

I remember clocking 120hrs into the game, but never finished that bonus dungeon(s?)
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Oct 9, 2018
First game of 2018

and omg the text function for the conversations already SUCKS >_<

"Do you like dancing Doctor?"
ME: "I do like dancing"
"No Doctor I don't think that's what's causing my blackouts?"

Eh? What does the game hints say?

"Yes I like dancing"

Oh come on!
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Dec 31, 2018
Onimusha is great, hopefully more people will get to know it. Other than that, not much this month that interests me.
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Oct 11, 2018
All y'all talking about being done with the sales but there are at least 2 days left.
You ain't done with the sale until you make your final purchases on the 2nd.

Anyways, spent the day playing Momodora 4 and managed to get 3 Crests but the 4th one illudes me. I got the one in the forest in the Cat path but otherwise I am one down and I don't know where to find it.

In the meantime I'll play Monkey Island 2 and by the weekend I'll get into Desert Child and Gris. I'll run FEAR a bit and apply mods and fixes for the time being.
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