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Tim Sweeney 🤤
Mar 13, 2019
Like, getting paid? You one of those influencers? I shilled for years for Opera before they went Chrome but no one listened.
Probably they would offer something as most of them do, but not like anything they would offer to the real influencers. They were just looking for people popular in gaming communities with some internet points to back them up I guess.


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Jan 12, 2019
So, Watch Dogs Legion isn't coming to Steam? They already have EGS page, but nothing on Steam. Honestly, I seriously consider not buying anything from Ubi unless they stop forcing people to use uPlay in a most sadistic way.
That's my decision as well for now. I really don't feel like giving Ubisoft my money anymore.


Tim Sweeney 🤤
Mar 13, 2019
I've been playing Remember Me and the last chapter I played (Ch. 5) gave me some TR Angel of Darkness vibes. Fortunately the game doesn't go that low but there's a drop in quality there for sure.


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Oct 4, 2018
Brooklyn, NY

Get ready for a GAMING BROWSER.

Considering how resource hungry modern browser and especially Chrome are that could be a useful feature for some.
GX Control sounds like a good idea, but I am currently fine with Mozilla Firefox.

Fuck yes! Now keep publishing the series on Steam and stay the hell away from Tim's greedy hands.


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Sep 5, 2018
Yakuza Ishin and Kenzan would have to be localized first tho, I'd expect them to come at last, probably whenever they'll be remastered in japan.
yeah, i know ... still - would be nice

definitely the zombie one at least ... they don't even have to remake it or anything ... just gimme a 1:1 port with all the graphics options and i'm golden


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Sep 6, 2018

Get ready for a GAMING BROWSER.

Considering how resource hungry modern browser and especially Chrome are that could be a useful feature for some.
I'll never stop mourning Opera 12 every time someone mentions this browser. That was the shit back then. It was the most customizable piece of software I've ever used, and to this day I haven't gotten over it.


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Oct 11, 2018
Great news about Yakuza. (y)

Now, SEGA only needs to re-release After Burner Climax, OutRun Online Arcade, and Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. ;)
I need all them 3D Sonic games, the remainder of their PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox One, Dreamcast and Saturn library.
Gimme them 8-bit goodness too while they're at it.
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Apr 23, 2019
Ann Arbor, MI
Subverse? What was that again?

A female cyborg performs fellatio on a bald man who wears panties on his head


A stunning femme fatale engages in passionate consensual sex with a human male whilst her giant knockers bounce sensually up and down in front of the camera


A psychotic pirate queen dominates a poor smuggler by grinding her buttocks on his crotch whilst gripping his member with her cute heart-shaped tail


Whilst walking past the Laboratory, the player can hear sexually suggestive moans coming from within as a bipedal alien stud called Bulgetto pleasures your Chief Science Officer. There is nothing you can do about this, so don't even try.


An enigmatic alien known only as Chodestool will engage in doggystyle copulation with various crew members if you forget to feed him


A stoned engineer called Dallick proudly lets his tiny penis hang loose as he parades around your ship in a lurid display of free-spirited expression


An enemy faction called the FuccBotts employs spaceships that are shaped like fluorescent dildos in order to ram and destroy their opponents. These FuccBots are considered extremely dangerous.


The FuccBotts can also deploy ground troops who are robotic soldiers equipped with large sex toys in place of their arms. They will use these sex toys to hit you over the head. Approach with caution.


A crazed German man moans suggestive words as part of a track on the game's soundtrack. We could not stop him in time.


If you are sensitive to any of the above topics we strongly advise caution before playing this game.


Someone must've realized that they'll run out of unbanned members next week if they keep up their current ban-pace.
Yeah, I'm here googling "Subverse" at work like an idiot.

Get ready for a GAMING BROWSER.

Considering how resource hungry modern browser and especially Chrome are that could be a useful feature for some.

Yall making jokes, but I actually do use Chrome and Opera at home.

So this is good news for me!
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Jun 10, 2019
you read the article - they're "analyzing data" ... whatever the fuck that means :p
More Atlus games could be coming, too, but the ball is currently in Atlus's court. Catherine Classic saw the developer's surreal puzzle game come to PC for the first time in January, and it's performed well. Clark hopes it's just the first step.

"Everyone's really pleased with it; we're pleased with it, it's performed well and the audience is happy," he says. "I think for us it was always step one. Let's launch Catherine, which then gives the IP owners and business owners at Atlus—who are in their first foray into the PC market—the ability to evaluate the success and how that can fit in for their future road map. I'm pleased to say they now have that information, so they're able to evaluate it. For us it was a positive experience, and hopefully they'll share that and consider it in their own road map."
Welp at least they said something about Atlus.

He explains that Sega has prioritised games like Yakuza that have a pre-existing audience.
Persona fit this.

Bringing Persona 5 to either Switch or PC will only bring them money. I don't know what their business people thinking.

The tears from people who lose their exclusive will be delicious.


Nov 1, 2018
Whenever I see footage of a Japanese pinball game I have PTSD flashbacks to Sonic Adventure and it turns me off the game. It looks like maybe they improved the physics of that Senran Kagura pinball a bit, but it still gives me those bad vibes. A shame because even if it wasn't titty anime I'd be interested (love fantasy pinball). Just needs decent physics.