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Nov 1, 2018

Any time BT releases a new song i feel like my punky teenager self again

Top 3 songs of each album for me:

Billy Talent I

Billy Talent II

Billy Talent III

Dead Silence

Afraid of Heights

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Dec 7, 2018
Soundtracks? I really love these.

Joe Hisaishi in Paris ~The Legend of Ashitaka / The Demon God / Princess Mononoke~

Yoko Shimomura - Destati

Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight Medley : Why So Serious? / Like A Dog Chasing Cars


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Dec 7, 2018
Some new (and not so new) stuff.

Bohren & Der Club of Gore 'Tief gesunken'

The Marías - I Don't Know You

Battleme - Where You Goin' Cha Cha?

Meow Meow & Thomas Lauderdale -I Lost Myself (I'm Hungry... and that ain't right) [feat. Pink Martini]


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Oct 21, 2018
I've been really loving anything with "Stack" (that's the artist name) vocals recently, mostly Akatsuki Records.

I mean, this shit is seriously fucking amazing:

She's really versatile too, you have extremely epic rock/metal ballads like above, but also stuff like this:

Or this:

But suddenly, cute pop:

Or you can combine it with my favourite Touhou character:

Whew man.


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Jan 12, 2019
Me and some friends have decided to try something new, so we bought tickets for Graspop Metal Meeting next year. The line-up of this festival has several "old-timers" like Aerosmith, Body Count, Deep Purple, Deftones (paging deftones r cool), Dog Eat Dog, Sepultura and The Offspring. Not sure what to expect, but I do appreciate some harder guitar work from time to time.

We're also going to Tomorrowland next summer (if we can get tickets that is, festival is sold out within minutes every year) so the least you can say is that I have a diverse taste in music. :)


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Feb 28, 2019
Melodic Metal
Really pretty symphonic metal with beautiful female vocals that have a nice kick and power to them. The guitarwork is phenomenal and the rest of the instrumentation is nothing to shrug at.

マオエニア (MAOA2R)

Failure / Someday I Will
Melodic Rock
Mashiro of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da has a side project thats a bit more serious/rock oriented. It's quite melodic with lots of piano, bouncing riffs, and lovely clean vocals. Mashiro's always been a favorite due to how unique and soft her voice is. This is two tracks together and both have a great energy to them. I think she'll have a strong future as a vocalist even if her alt-idol group bites the dust (that that seems extremely unlikely with how popular they've gotten.)

I Sever
Melodic Death / Metalcore
I was curious when these guys were going to pop up again. Their 2015 album was quite good and had a lot of impressive writing to it. Ever since their lead vocalist left years ago, the lead guitarist took up the position while still doing lead guitar. There was a noticeable change in their writing and play style, but it's been for the better. Some nice riffs and really nice leads/solos.

Bleed From Within
The End OF All We Know
Melodic Death / Metalcore
BFW have been impressing me more and more over the years. While they sound similar to Parkway Drive, their style has only gotten more aggressive over the years while PD has been taking a softer approach. The song is nice and heavy with good grooves to it and retains that 'crunch' I appreciate.

Mirror Lake
Holy crap her voice is wonderful. I did not expect that when I started listening. There's a nice crisp tone to it and a lot of power behind it. It's right up there with the myriad power metal / glam singers. I hope their upcoming album is just as good as the songs I've heard so far. The heavy drums and guitar paired with atmospheric leads add a nice backdrop for her strong voice to shine.

まだ見たことのないセカイ(Mada Mitakoto No Nai Sekai)
Escape (ft. YUZUKINGDOM)
Melodic Metal
I just stumbled upon MMNNS while searching Yuzukingdom stuff and really like what I hear. They're a duo of a vocalist and guitarist, both of which are wonderfully talented. Both work together wonderfully well and the added harsh vocals of Yuzuki from Yuzukingdom add an aggression to the song that creates a nice contrast to the gorgeous cleans.

Rock / Electronic
This group gives me some Maximum The Hormone vibes in both their sound and presentation, though there is a bit less chaos. I was a bit surprised at how well they mix in the jumpy, pop-punkish rock with the heavier metal touches to it. It's quite high energy and has a catchy melody to it. It sounds like a cross between Maximum The Hormone and Crossfaith mixed with some Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas.


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Dec 8, 2018
Time for some uplifting blue sky cheese of awesome! You know you love this!

I bet this gets merged...

T.J. Davis who's voice is forever associated with that OST also performed tracks on Metropolis Street Racer...

And released a Trance version of Wonderful Life by Black so listen to one of his other amazing tracks, RIP Colin.

Then to round things out, cheer us up a bit and get some energy back here's a Jazz Fusion rearrangement of Ridge Racer tracks by Joshua Morse and one of my favourite reimagining albums ever.

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