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Dec 22, 2018
I've been on an American Idiot binge. I forgot how much I listened to this album in high school. :coffee-blob:
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Jul 12, 2019
Judas Priest needs to get into the Hall of Fame this year. I want to see all of the current and past members up there accepting the award (including my man Tim Owens, listen to the Heart of a killer album, ok?) Then they need to perform breaking the law and retire. (Except Tim)

I was so happy to see this. Epic song off an amazing album.


별이 빛나는 하늘
Feb 28, 2019
Higeki no Heroine Syndrome
Revenger (Live)
Jpop / Alt-Idol / Rock
This group has a lovely aesthetic and sound that I really like. They have a lot of energy and remind me a bit of some of the heavy hitters like BiSH. When a group posts a live video, you know they're confident.

You and Me
Melodic Metalcore
China's metal scene is getting more popular. Inchaos has that 'beauty and the beast' dynamic of female clean vocals with male growls. The riffs are heavy with a nice rhythm to them while having a progressive touch that doesn't fall too far into arrhythmic djenty chaos that every group seems to be doing these days.

Vivid Chicken
Jpop / Alt-Idol / Rock
After this groups first video being themed around being trash and trying to break free of labels, I was surprised to see how dark they got with their most recent song. It has a loud rock feel to it paired with pretty, melancholic cleans along with lyrics and themes around worthlessness and suicide.

Last Scene
Jpop / Rap / Hip Hop
4s4ki (asaki) continues to be a treasure. She hasn't put out a bad song yet and I love the direction she's been taking since her rebrand. There's something peaceful about the beat even as it speeds up.

Rock / Melodic Metal
I've kind of fallen off of Bridear since they went with a more rock sound and completely ditched their harsh vocals. They had a really aggressive sound previously and lightened up as they got more popular which I find unfortunate (and sadly reminiscent of Exist Trace). However, the new song is quite good and it seems like they're sticking with a more aggressive melodic sound.

Melodic Metalcore
I found this band recently and really like their style. I love violins with metal, so finding out they mix violin in with their heavy riffs was quite a treat. The singer has such a gorgeous voice too. He has a lot of range, even dipping into some aggressive screams and growls to add to the melodic intensity. The album is really good and it'll be one of my top ten this year I think.