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별이 빛나는 하늘
Feb 28, 2019
Pop / Electronic
This song is really pretty. It has a lovely and relaxing beat the vocals are soothing with a heartfelt tone to them.

Heaven Shall Burn
Protector / Weakness Leaving My Heart
Melodic Death Metal
I've always liked HSB and have been very happy with the albums they've been putting out. Such intensity and ferocity mixed with expert muscianship that continually evolves. This one is a double song/vid, hence the length. I eagerly await the new album.

Pop / Electronic
I've been listening to CY8ER since Mashiro (SHACHI) joined a few years back. It's been fun to see how they grow and change. One thing they've always kept is a very heavy electronic sound that's the backbone of their music.

Shepherds Reign
Le Manu
Metal / Groove Metal
I just stumbled across this band and they seem really cool. They're five brothers who mix many South Asian, New Zealand, and Polynesian themes to create both a powerful tone and melody.

Yanakoto Sotto Mute
Pop / Alt
I really love everything this group does. They have a bit of a grungy sound mixed with high energy pop and a very art-centric vibe to them (especially live). I was curious where they'd go when one of their vocalists was fired/let go/left, but it seems like it gave the others a bit more freedom. The one who left wasn't a particularly strong or notable vocalist, so her replacement should hopefully shine. The remaining three have incredibly strong vocals and I've enjoyed how they continue to get better with each song, album, and year.

Pittsburgh (Cover, originally by The Amity Affliction)
Pop / Metalcore
I don't normally post covers (or care too much for them) but this group was too good not to share. They're a metal band from South Korea who are trying to break through in an industry drowned by kpop (of which I'm a fan and probably am not helping.) Their clean vocalist has a wonderful voice and energy to her and the rest of the band is quite dynamic and talented. I'm hopeful they'll put out an original album again soon as it seems the last one was in 2016.

Promise the Star (Live)
Pop / Rock / Alt-Idol
BiSH has been a strong proponent of the "fuck corporate idol" movement for a long while now. While their label is bizarre (such as creating rival groups of their own bands) there's a method to the madness and it shows. With how much creative control the groups have (often leading to groups breaking up due to differences), BiSH has shown that strong, like-minded individuals can create beauty together. Two of their vocalists are incredibly exceptional, especially AiNA The End (red hair). I only tend to post live videos when I think the performance is strong and this one's no exception.

Infected Rain
Black Gold
Metalcore / Groove Metal
This group has a very Jinjer-esque vibe to them, albeit more early Jinjer. It's certainly atmospheric and has a nice evolution to it. The growls feel very much the focus, which is a plus. There's a grungy, dirty sound to the instruments that is a bit refreshing, especially since I've yet to hear any djenty djent djent djenty djent djent sounds. I'll have to dig through their back catalog as I like what I hear.


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May 5, 2019
In 2004, Erin Moran AKA A Girl Called Eddy released her debut solo album to quite some critical acclaim. Over the years I checked whether she would record another one, but no such luck for a very long time.
Indeed, it took her a while to release the follow-up, but the 16-year-wait was worth it. "Been around" is a brilliant album. Soulful, sometimes jazzy, always featuring a rich sound surrounding Erins captivating voice, always seeping melody and melancholy. I just hope the next one won't take another 16 years.

Here's the original album "A Girl Called Eddy" from 2004:

And here's "Been around" from 2020:

Here's a video, "Someone's gonna break your Heart" from "Been around":

Here's my favourite track, "Two Hearts", also from "Been around":

BTW, there was also a collaboration record with Fugu in 2018, "The Last Detail":
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