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May 5, 2019
Some metal that I like:

Falkenbach - Eweroun (Viking metal)

Falkenbach - The Heathen Foray (Viking metal)

Dornenreich - Wer hat Angst vor Einsamkeit? (Black metal...I guess?)

Dornenreich - Wolfpuls (folk-ish black metal)

Fejd - Jungfru i Hindhamn (folk metal without distorted guitars)

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard - Valmasque (Doom metal)

Finntroll - Rivfader (Humppa metal/Folk metal)

Eluveitie - Omnos (Folk metal, also no distorted guitars)

Belphegor - The Goatchrist (Blackend Death metal...I think)

Shining - Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni (Depressing black metal, with some jazzy doomy parts)

Summoning - Land of the Dead (epic Tolkien metal...I'm making these up now)

Nazgul - Elficidium (Roman...metal..? I used this as my wakeup alarm tune for ages)

Wyrd - Huldrafolk (Black/folk metal)

Cellar Darling - Freeze (unsure, Folk/black or something)

Burzum - Jesus' Tod (black metal)

Burzum - Glemselens Elv (black metal)

Satyricon - Phoenix (very melodic black metal)

Dark Tranquillity - Monochromatic Stains (Melodic death metal)

Within Temptation - Endless War (symphonic metal)

Here's a handy Spotify playlist of the above* so you dont have to click all those YouTube videos if you prefer not to:

* except "Huldrafolk" by Wyrd because there is always something thats not on Spotify for some reason)
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Swooping Is Bad
Feb 21, 2019
Rural NSW
I'm back from holidays and I've been in a nostalgic mood so here are my 2 favourite Australian bands that I grew up with in the late 90s/2000s.

Powderfinger (Rock, Alt-Rock)
Generally considered to be one of the greatest bands to come out of Australia and a solid contender for some of my favourite music of all time. They're very much my musical comfort food. Here is my favourite track from each one of their albums, in no particular order.

Bonus Track - One of my favourite live performances of all time.


Something for Kate (Alt-Rock, Post-Grunge)
Basically copy and paste what I said about Powderfinger. Paul Dempsey (the lead singer) is one of my favourite musicians and songwriters of all time as well as being an all round lovely bloke. Same deal, favourite song from each album, no order.

Bonus Track - SFK (and Paul Dempsey as an extension) are masters of the cover track, they've done a lot of them and pretty much all of them are great.

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The Ascension of the Middle-aged Man
Oct 10, 2018
Soundtrack for another day stuck at home. ;)

Oh, by the way, the Psychedelic Furs are releasing a new album soon (their first in 29 years!), and their new singles are pretty good.
Here's the latest one:

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