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Good Morning, Weather Hackers!
Dec 8, 2018

Hammjerjacks free live stream...

and the greatest of all... Music from "The Adventures of Pete and Pete".
Insanely good selection of music in that series.

Have a playlist of awesome...

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May 5, 2019
New song by Das Rage:

Theyre a darkwave/indie band from Croatia that released one album 7 years ago and whilst I quite liked that, I had already lost hope they would record anything ever again. Glad they did! I hope another album will follow :)

Article about the new song, in Croatian: PREMIJERA: Das Rage – buntom protiv dosade pozivaju na ples

Their 2015 debut album:

(its not on Spotify for some reason)


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Nov 14, 2018
One of the first CDs I ever bought.
Still holds up today.

A really close friend of mine (more like a brother to me) passed away earlier this year. PJ was his favorite band, we gamed together a lot for about 12 years and the first three PJ records were our soundtrack for a big chunk of those 12 years. I'll miss him everyday, but hearing PJ makes me miss him even more.

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Dec 14, 2021
I've been listening to a lot of Bring Me The Horizon, Three Days Grace, and Starset lately to cope with the grieving process, things that have been going on lately, and manic depressive episodes. Some of Three Days Grace's songs in their new album "Explosions" are actually pretty good, and I think that Horizons from Starset would be one of my favorite albums in recent years (It's hard to find an outright mediocre track). A friend of mine actually recommended me BMTH, and I've lost count of how many times I've listened to their tracks on loop.

Would have a bunch of tracks that I'd recommend.



Good Morning, Weather Hackers!
Dec 8, 2018
Someone made a Cyberpunk 2077 "French Fuse" Radio Station and to avoid copyright shizzle basically posted the Youtube playlist for people to grab and put into the game with the RadioExt mod.
Here's the "Preview" playlist they put up.

There's a longer one on the nexus mod page too.

French Fuse had a mashup/remix with Iniko so i tracked down another session of hers as they didn't link her the naughty lads.
( they may have linked her but i didn't see it )

Some chill ambience music from a channel i've been using while at work during the day and don't want any lyrics to distract me.
This channel, JediMaster, SpaceAmbient, Spacewave are examples of really good "working" channels for me.

... and this one for that Halloween approaches feel.
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