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May 5, 2019
New album by Beth Gibbons

She's of course more well known as the singer from Portishead (but they're not exactly releasing a lot)

22 years ago, she also did an album together with Paul Webb (from Talk Talk)

All of these albums are of course highly recommended :)


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Jan 12, 2019
I was at Extrema Outdoor yesterday, a festival focused on techno and house with more than 100 DJ's on 8 unique districts. The festival was sold out this year for the first time, with 30000 visitors on each of the 3 days which is a lot for a small country like Belgium.

Techno is becoming a lot more popular in our country lately, especially among 30+ people who like electronic music but dislike the modern EDM. Belgian techno DJ's like Charlotte De Witte and Amelie Lens becoming popular worldwide also helped a lot to bring the genre to a wider audience.

My favorite DJ set was definitely the 2.5 hours set from Joris Voorn. He manages to combine melodic sounds with a decent techno kick and baseline, resulting in music that's both fun to listen and to dance on.

Here is his last production, and he also has a free weekly podcast on SoundCloud where you can find lots of his own sets and guest mixes. I can't recommend this guy enough!
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Good Morning, Weather Hackers!
Dec 8, 2018
It like a bizarre slice of hell on earth...

I have seen Quo live many, many, many decades ago. We went because it was cheap and one of our friends was unironically a fan.
They put on a damned good show even if it is a bit light, they definitely got the crowd going and even some of the more ardent "bleh, don't like it. It's mainstream dad rock." naysayers actually cracked a smile and had fun.

So yeah, Quo, shit on them all you want but they definitely knew how to entertain a crowd.
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