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Good Morning, Weather Hackers!
Dec 8, 2018
Can i ask for some pointers and advice for my housemate?
I know it's going to be really noob question but he asked me and i have no answer so i've been checking around and yeah, the answers are what i expected from asking friends then i remembered you clever and experienced lot so i figured i'd annoy you all with the eternal newbie question...

Is there a decent alternative to lightroom?
For Windows.
Preferably free or super cheap.

I know, i know but i figured i'd ask.
Housemate has recently bought a DSLR, it's a second-hand Nikon D3200.
He's picked up a few lenses from ebay for Macro and Wide and two others but i forget what they are.

He mainly will be taking pictures of nature and landscapes as he goes out for long walks out-and-about.
For example he might be off walking a stretch of Offa's Dyke in a few weekends. I think he'll be looking to edit/correct RAW files and keeps being told to use Lightroom but unlike most of my friends he isn't a professional and doesn't work in education so he doesn't want to buy a sub just for that if he doesn't have to or until he gets far enough down the rabbit hole that it's worth it.