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Sep 5, 2018

  • Any and all credit for the concept of these threads goes to the amazing MRORANGE!


Having discovered an ancient portal, you take a leap of faith and suddenly find yourself amidst the remnants of an ancient alien civilization. Cryptic puzzles, forgotten technologies and treasured relics are riddled among the beautiful wilderness that has engulfed the remains of this fallen race.

If you are to learn their secrets, you must unearth the fate of the civilization that called these lost worlds home.

Epitasis is a sci-fi exploration puzzle game, set on far off distant worlds.

bit Dungeon III

bitDungeonIII is a 2d action adventure game with rogue-lite elements. Randomly generated overworld and dungeons. Make allies with other players or kill them for their precious inventory items. Discover random items that greatly enhance and affect your character. Save a world that can't be saved.

Guard Duty

Tondbert, loyal Guard to the Castle of Wrinklewood, is having a rough day. A little too much ale at the local pub, a lapse in judgement, and the next thing you know a hooded figure has slipped into the kingdom and kidnapped the princess -- an event that will have consequences well into the future.

A thousand years later, in a small orbital station, Agent Starborn is a member of a resistance group embarking on a last ditch effort to overthrow evil and take back the Earth -- a quest rooted in the depths of history.

Discover how these two playable characters' fates are intertwined and you might just save humanity in the process.

Trials of Fire

Trials of Fire is a single player, turn-based strategy game set in a post-cataclysmic fantasy realm.

The threat of starvation and conflict are never far away as Trials of Fire combines free-form exploration of an expansive open world, multi-character, card-driven combat and an innovative new fusion of loot, load-out and deck-building systems delivering massive depth of play and unique strategic opportunities for the player on every run.

Trials of Fire also features an extensive range of narrative ‘judgement’ encounters where the player is challenged to weigh moral dilemmas in a lawless world, assuming the roles of judge, jury and (often) executioner.

The tactical rogue-like design, procedurally generated game events and expanding gallery of playable characters and abilities challenges the player make every decision count as they journey across a dying world… in search of hope.

The hope that will save your forsaken people, the hope to survive in the desolate and dangerous wastelands, the hope that you and your party of heroes will live to fight again and to see the dawn of a new day.

Legal Dungeon

Legal Dungeon is a game about organizing Police Investigation Documents.

The player must review and provide an Investigation Verdict on reports ranging from petty theft to murder, in eight different criminal cases. Legal Dungeon will teach players that apprehending and punishing criminals is the very essence of Public Safety. Players will quickly become experts in revealing true criminals.

Puyo Puyo Champions

Fun, fast-paced, competitive puzzle action!

Easy to learn, tough to master! Jump straight into fast-paced puzzle action with features fit for both friendly rivalries and competitive tournaments in Puyo Puyo Champions. Challenge your friends and family in local multiplayer or compete against players from around the world through online matchmaking. Built for all ages, this classic puzzle game comes with a surprisingly competitive edge.

S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster

S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster is the new edition of the challenging classic strategy game S.W.I.N.E.! 18 years after the release of the original, the filthiest of all wars between the Rabbit and the Pig armies will inspire both new and old fans of sophisticated real-time strategy with completely revised textures, support for todays resolutions, detailed unit models, a 16:9 adapted interface and an extended zoom.

In S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster, you'll fight challenging tank battles on the sides of both the Rabbits and Pigs in two extensive single-player campaigns! Use various tanks, scout vehicles, artillery, rocket launchers, and air support to help your side win. Choose from a variety of upgrades to upgrade your units and equip them with special abilities.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 - BlueOdin

You have a fist fight with a tiger and sing some karaoke

Yakuza Kiwami 2 - Mor

There are two dragons and ain't room for both, there can only be one dragon in this world.

Kiryu and Haruka have started a new peaceful life together after the days of the Tojo Clan have passed but everything is gone after Yukio Terada, a lieutenant of the Tojo Clan is assassinated, to avoid an open conflict between clans, Kiryu is sent to Sotenbori in Osaka to get an peaceful agreement and stop an imminent war but things won't be easy when Ryuji Goda steps in, he wants his war and so the Dragon of Kansai will need to fight against the Dragon of Dojima, let them fight!

Kiwami 2 is the remake of the classic game Yakuza 2, this remake is made with the Dragon Engine and it's the first game made with this engine that comes to PC, the game will feature a complete set of options for this version such as 4K and unlimited framerates but it will also feature a bigger combat system that the one we saw in Kiwami 1, while really similar, they are very different, new moves, new ways to kick assess, spent time exploring Sotembori, playing some arcade and making sidequests, welcome to Kiwami 2, the biggest version of the game is here.

Pax Nova - eonden

Pax Nova takes the inspiration behind one of the great forgotten 4x: Emperor of the Fading Suns, where you actually have both the map of the galaxy and of each planet, providing an interest combination of land and space 4x. Opting for a more asymmetric gameplay (with end objectives and win conditions differing between races), and a more modern UI with better tools to avoid super micro management (which was a big issue in Emperor), it could be a new interesting 4x that bridges the gap between Civ/Endless Legends and Endless Space/Galactic Civilization

Road to Guangdong - Story-Based Indie Road Trip Car Driving Game

Assume the role of Sunny on the road trip of a lifetime with her Aunt Guu Ma. Drive and maintain your dilapidated old car as you journey through 1990s Guangdong, China, meeting with relatives and rekindling relationships to save your family restaurant.

Drive across China in the beloved but weathered family car, ‘Sandy’. Take care of your tyres, fuel consumption and engine condition as you navigate the beautiful province of Guangdong. An epic journey in such an old car isn’t going to be easy – be prepared to take a look under the hood. Add oil, manage petrol, maintain the engine and build a stock of useful parts to avoid calling out the mechanic.

Play as Sunny, a 23-year-old art graduate, as she joins 68-year-old aunt Guu Ma on a road trip to rekindle her family restaurant. Unexpectedly inheriting her family’s restaurant, Sunny is tasked with reigniting relationships, and establishing her place in the family, on her quest to secure and recreate secret recipes.

Navigate narrative puzzles and moral choices as you select dialogue and shape Sunny’s character. Sunny and Guu Ma’s relationship will be tested and evolve throughout a road trip that will change both of their lives.

A Plague Tale: Innocence - Mor

1349, the plague is annihilating France and the Inquisition is pursuing or main characters, Amicia and Hugo de Rune, from a noble family, for unknown reasons. On their journey through the devastated lands they will find new friends, face the horrors of the war and the swarm of infested rats that are spreading the disease everywhere, uncover the truth and survive one of the darkest moments of human history.

In A Plague Tale: Innocence we will need to make a long journey through a devastated France where rats won't be our only enemy to face; religious cultists, English soldiers, everyone will try to hunt you for different reasons, as children Amicia and Hugo won't be able to fight as adults but we will be able to run, hide and think smartly our best options to survive in this brutal and overwhelming adventure, maybe let them pass or use the environment in your favor, whatever it takes.


Dive headfirst into a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order. RAGE 2 brings together two studio powerhouses–Avalanche Studios, masters of open world insanity, and id Software, creators of the first-person shooter –to deliver a carnival of carnage where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything.

An asteroid has annihilated 80% of the earth’s population, and humanity’s numbers are dwindling. Ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs roam the open roads and the tyrannical Authority seek to rule with an iron fist. As Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland and a threat to their power, you have been robbed of your home and left for dead. Now you’ll have to rage for justice and freedom. With ludicrous vehicle combat, super-powered first-person mayhem, and an open world full of emergent madness, you will tear across an unforgiving wasteland battling sadistic gangs to find the tools and tech needed to crush the oppressive rule of The Authority once and for all.

Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest

The druids of the Menhir Forest are troubled. Not only has the Archdruid disappeared, a darkness in the form of purple cysts has fallen upon the forest. It is up to Aava, the daughter of the Archdruid and her new-found companions Leonhard, a mysterious man with no past, and Oiko the mage, a dropout from the guild of Red Priests, to rescue the Archdruid and find out the truth behind the sinister events. As if this wasn't enough, a murderous maniac impersonating Leonhard is at loose in the forest....

Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest is a labor of love from the makers of the critically acclaimed Legend of Grimrock series. Druidstone is a tactical, single-player, turn-based roleplaying game, which combines the best qualities of modern RPGs with the elegance of tactical boardgames. Every action, every turn counts as you control your party of heroes through handcrafted, challenging missions with varying objectives.

Druidstone is set in a unique fantasy world, Elo Sphaera, filled with ancient, lush forests, standing stones, snow-topped mountains, deadly creatures and puzzle-ridden ruins. The epic story about love and death is centered around the main characters Leonhard, Aava and Oiko, who will along the way meet up with unexpected companions and villains, each with their unique personalities and abilities.

Get ready to venture forth and uncover the secrets of the Menhir Forest!

Talisman: Origins

This new adaptation of the Talisman board game focuses on solo play as you adventure through many epic quests using the full rule-set of the Revised 4th Edition.

Experience the origins of historic events in the world of Talisman, such as the creation of the Crown of Command, the return of the dragons, the Ifrit war and the rise of the guilds.

Take control of 12 Talisman characters, including the new Great Wizard exclusive to this game, as they battle to save the land from dragon invasions, double-crossing devils, mysterious guilds and more. OR, play as the bad guy! Bring on the dragon invasion! Destroy sacred chapels! Protect the dungeon from heroic invaders!


Dive into the beautiful undiscovered underwater world and heal coral reefs while you traverse the entire world in search for bleached, dying reefs. Interact with various kinds of corals, each one of them with unique skills you can interact with that will help you go on in the adventure.

As a player you play as a current. Flow anywhere you want to find for ways to transport healing energy for other corals and heal entire reefs, watching realtime how the seafloor becomes colorfull again and vibrant with life and diversity.

With it's light puzzles elements and various challenges you will learn about stunning sea facts and discover out of this planet worlds.

Bubsy: Paws on Fire!

From the developers of the BIT.TRIP series comes Bubsy: Paws on Fire!, the latest and greatest in bobcat-based gaming.

Oinker P. Hamm is determined to capture every animal in the universe for his “Amazootorium.” Bubsy, fearing mostly for himself, is just as determined to stop him. Two archrivals, stitched together by the cruel knitting needles of fate. No matter who emerges victorious, there is one thing we know for certain: There’s going to be a whole lot of yarn along the way.

So, so much yarn.

Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes Back

You are John Hacker, a common guy sent by a British property company to speak with 'Count Dráscula' about some lands. By chance you meet a gorgeous blond girl who is kidnapped by the Count himself, and you, John Hacker, set on a fun yet dangerous quest to rescue her.

A Spanish 2D classic point & click style adventure with tons of humor and an easy interface, now on Steam.

Simple Dot

Simple Dot is a minimalistic logic game in which thanks to surrounds and lines of different physical properties appearing problems can be solved.

Atelier Lulua ~The Scion of Arland~

Once again, the hands of the clock have begun to move...
And the future of "this world" rests on the shoulders of a single girl.

The long awaited 4th installment of the popular "Arland" series that had begun with the "Atelier Rorona"!
In this new story, players will revisit the nostalgic world of Arland and embark on exciting journey of alchemy together with Rorona's daughter, Lulua.

The dream of this young girl living in the small town on the border of the Arland Republic is to overcome her legendary mother in the mastery of alchemy.
Unravel the future that awaits her beyond the mystery of this "ancient manuscript" and join Lulua and her companions on a new adventure through Arland!

Team Sonic Racing - Tizoc

Sumo Digital return with another entry in their SEGA Arcade racing style games with Team Sonic Racing.

The game features 15 characters from the Sonic franchises, including those cute little Chao, and along with keeping true to the SEGA racing tradition, the game features various customization options allowing players to customize the vehicles with various parts and colours. This lets players tune up or have their vehicle look stylish to their preference.

The game can be played solo and features a Team system to allow for groups of players to race against others for the top spot. All this and featuring a fantastic soundtrack worthy of the SEGA pedigree.

American Fugitive

American Fugitive is a modern take on classic sandbox action offering a new 3D top-down open-world single-player experience. Developed by Fallen Tree Games, the two studio founders have extended AAA backgrounds; including titles such as TimeSplitters, Crysis, Black, and Goldeneye 007: Reloaded.

Welcome to Redrock County, a sleepy American town with a booming criminal underbelly.

You take the role of Will Riley. No angel for sure - but not a killer. Yet the cold-blooded murder of your dad is the crime they locked you up for. Fuelled by grief and a burning desire for vengeance, you’ll bust out of jail intent on finding the real culprit.

Once outside, you’ll need to blend with the townsfolk to avoid recapture. Establish contact with the criminal underworld and stay one step ahead of the police dragnet.

Set in the deep south of the 1980s, American Fugitive is a love-letter to the classic movies and games of old.


Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is the first in the multi award-winning strategy series to recreate epic conflict across ancient China. Combining a gripping turn-based campaign game of empire-building, statecraft and conquest with stunning real-time battles, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS redefines the series in an age of heroes and legends.

Welcome to a new era of legendary conquest.

This beautiful but fractured land calls out for a new emperor and a new way of life. Unite China under your rule, forge the next great dynasty, and build a legacy that will last through the ages.
Choose from a cast of 12 legendary Warlords and conquer the realm. Recruit heroic characters to aide your cause and dominate your enemies on military, technological, political, and economic fronts.

Will you build powerful friendships, form brotherly alliances, and earn the respect of your many foes? Or would you rather commit acts of treachery, inflict heart-wrenching betrayals, and become a master of grand political intrigue?

Your legend is yet to be written, but one thing is certain: glorious conquest awaits.

Blood Will Be Spilled

Blood Will Be Spilled is a story focused spaghetti western platformer with tactical turn-based combat, taking place in a completely hand drawn harsh world inhabited by insects.

You follow the story of Jack - a mosquito bounty hunter, on his path of revenge. Soon however, he finds himself neck-deep in a vicious scheme that is far more than he bargained for. Heavily outgunned and outnumbered, Jack will need help from a few rather unusual allies to even the odds. In the land with no laws, from deserted anthills and dusty mines, through badland battlefields to treacherous swamps, he's on a hunt for the Calaveras gang. And they are wanted alive...or dead.

Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2 is a narrative-driven dramatic thriller about fighting a deadly outbreak in a secluded rural town. The town is dying. Face the realities of a collapsing society as you make difficult choices in seemingly lose-lose situations. The plague isn’t just a disease. You can’t save everyone.

The plague is devouring the town. The chief local healer is dead, and you are now to take his place. You’ll have to look for unexpected allies. The local kids are hiding something. Try playing by their rules.

You only have 12 days.

Deep Diving Simulator

Deep Diving Simulator will enable you to experience what it takes to be a modern diver. With relaxing exploration, you will discover the uncharted waters of the world while carefully monitoring your oxygen level and decompression. Gather forsaken relics, visit sunken vessels, discover unknown species and be rewarded by Professor Adams for your findings. Each submerge gives you the opportunity to uncover mysteries that would prefer to remain forever forgotten, such as the lost city of Atlantis.

Vambrace: Cold Soul

The King of Shades has cursed the great city of Icenaire. Now cast under a permanent blight of frost fall, its former residents have returned from the dead as mad Wraiths. Survivors take refuge deep underground where they lead a desperate campaign against this unearthly power. Woefully outmatched, they are forced into hiding as the King of Shades amasses an army of the undead above them. One fateful day, a mysterious stranger appears in the city with an enchanted vambrace. She may now be their only hope…

You are Evelia Lyric, bearer of the Aetherbrace and the only human capable of entering Icenaire. The survivors now look to you as their best hope against the King of Shades. Only one’re woefully outmatched, and survival is not guaranteed.

Vambrace: Cold Soul is a narrative-driven game filled with memorable characters, brutal challenges, and deep strategy. To succeed, you must choose perceptive party leaders, camp to recuperate, navigate strange encounters, and survive deadly combat. Will you scavenge for supplies to sell or use them to craft new items for your next expedition? The surface of Icenaire is cold and unforgiving. So, prepare your party well before departing...lest you join the cursed city's undead.

In this game, the difference between life and undeath all comes down to good planning and smart tactics!

Layers of Fear 2

The cameras are all focused on you; the center of the scene. Not just in character, you are the character. The part to play is singularly yours. Written just for you.You are met with silence. No barking orders from the director. No call to action that you need to become this version of yourself. The demand to act fills your mind, but the script pages hold no words.

Your past has helped to mold you into what you are, forced upon you the skills required to hone your craft. That same past has scraped deep furrowing scars into you, not on the outside where the world can see, but in a place buried so deep within that it has become shapeless. You push those memories down but let the experiences drive you into who, or what, you must play.

Darkness surrounds as you stand silently in the spotlight, the only sounds to be heard over your heartbeat are the distant breaking of waves against the hull and the sound of cameras pointed in your direction preserving this moment for eternity.

A deep and commanding voice rises from the distance. Act.

What part will you play?

Merchant of the Skies

In Merchant of the Skies you're the captain of an airship! Sell items, gather resources and build your own trade empire in the clouds! Merchant of the Skies is the trading game with light base-building and tycoon elements. You start off as a captain of a small cloudship and work your way towards establishing your own trade company.

Conan Unconquered

From the Star Wars: Empire at War and Command & Conquer veterans at Petroglyph comes the first-ever strategy game set in the barbaric world of Conan the Barbarian.

Conan Unconquered is a survival RTS set in the barbaric world of Conan the Barbarian where you must build your stronghold and assemble an unconquerable army to survive the savage hordes of Hyboria. Wave after wave of increasingly more difficult enemies will rush at your gates and you will need to manage resources, research new technologies to advance your defenses, and recruit an ever-growing army if you are to save survive utter destruction.

You can choose to play the game entirely alone in single-player, but Conan Unconquered can also be enjoyed in full two-player co-op allowing for a truly unique, shared multiplayer experience. Players share a base where both can freely construct new buildings and amass an army to reach their common goal.

The enemy hordes will keep coming at you and how long you can resist the invasion depends entirely on your ability to build your stronghold and lead your army. Gameplay is real-time, but you can also pause at any time to issue commands and start construction of new buildings. Battles will be bloody and savage with players having to deal with anything from fires raging through their stronghold to piles of corpses spreading death and disease.

The savage horde is at your gates. Will you fall or will you remain unconquered?


Hedon is a true retro/boomercore game running on the GZDoom Engine and bearing inspiration from titles such as Unreal, Blood, Thief, Arx Fatalis, Hexen or Serious Sam. You will be dropped in a hostile world that has its own workings, characters and intrigues, and you will be expected to fend for yourself. The build up is slow and steady, the story is consistent, the combat is fast paced and ruthless. You will sometimes find yourself lost in a non linear level design with various aesthetics (forest, caves, forge, barracks, snowy mountain etc.) where exploration and learning by yourself is the key to improve.

You play as Zan (any similarity with the creator's username is a pure coincidence), a half Orc - half Demon warrior who wakes up in a caved in tunnel with no memory of how she ended up there. The first episode will focus on our hero's descent into a strange underground world which is threatened by the sudden attack of a massive Cultist force.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

In Starlink: Battle for Atlas, you are part of a group of heroic interstellar pilots, dedicated to free the Atlas Star System from Grax and the Forgotten Legion.

Build your own modular starship model, and take part in epic space combat.

Castlevania Anniversary Collection - Tizoc

Featuring 8 classic games from the Castlevania franchise, trek once more into Dracula's castle as you power walk your way through dozens of monsters and hazards to thwart Dracula's never ending desire to rise to power, in 7 action packed classics from the 8 and 16 bit era of the series.

The collection also features the first Kid Dracula game for the NES that was never released in English until now.

The Curse of Monkey Island

I've sailed the seas from Trinidad to Tortuga and I've never seen anything like it! The engagement ring I gave Elaine has a terrible pirate curse on it. LeChuck is behind it, I'm sure. I should have known that nothing good could come out of that evil zombie's treasures. And if that's not bad enough, the clairvoyant I met in the mangrove swamp told me that if I am to break the curse and save Elaine, I will have to die!


Get the achievement: Win at life​

Complete the game without being hit during gameplay. "The time it takes to make the break to win at life, again"

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Dec 6, 2018
New month, new thread, same old backlog problems. :wd_hellyeah:


Crossposting from last month's thread since the thread got locked while I was preparing my post.

Relevant to us bit: Announced as coming to Steam. \o/
The original is possibly the only VN which isn't discounted in the golden week sale.


Collecting all Final Fantasy games is kind of a chore since the definitive version is spread into a few different platforms. You'd think that the PC versions would be the definitive one, but more often than not, it's gimped as hell with a mobile interface, botched sprites, unwanted bilinear filtering, and whatnots. Not to mention performance issues for XIII-2, locked 30fps on X, etc. It's fine for people like us who like modding but recommending it without the caveats is another matter.


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Dec 3, 2018
Great thread

At first I wanted to write

Yakuza Kiwami 2 :hugging-face:
Druidstone :hugging-face:
Total War: Three Kingdoms :hugging-face:

But then I saw a few more interesting looking things and I needed to scroll past that as fast as possible :notlikethisblob:


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Sep 5, 2018
First. Are we not allowed to get none of Sega titles? :p
we are not, no ... you have to buy at least one ;) and should be forwarded properly :)
awwww, thanks man! :cat-heart-blob:

Great thread
thank you :D

But then I saw a few more interesting looking things and I needed to scroll past that as fast as possible :notlikethisblob:
i know, right? there are even more recommendations this month than the previous one ... it's crazy!


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Sep 7, 2018
Another month, another thread, let's go!!!

Now, not the best way to start a month, to be honest I was thrilled about getting the Valve Index Headset, but that price killed it at 85% for me, will try to make numbers and see if I can get it but as for today, sadly, I won't be part of it and that makes me feel furious as hell.


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Dec 21, 2018
As usual,great thread lashman. but I hate you for tempting me to spend more money. Animu sale, getting my car fixed and now this "hey look at all those great looking games!".

I would say it's evil... but no.... what's evil is that challenge. You have to buy that game... play it... and play it well? That's just mean.


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Sep 5, 2018
As usual,great thread lashman. but I hate you for tempting me to spend more money. Animu sale, getting my car fixed and now this "hey look at all those great looking games!".
in that case don't open Tizoc's thread ... there are WAAAAAAY more promising games releasing in May ;) i only included the best of the best :p

I would say it's evil... but no.... what's evil is that challenge. You have to buy that game... play it... and play it well? That's just mean.
don't blame me ... blame Gevin ;)

Thanks for all your hard work. :heartblob:
ah, it's nothing, really :D
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Nov 1, 2018
Mt. Whatever
Hello May! The month before E3, also the month before stupid hot summer sets in! 😅 Though I guess you'd be seeing colder temps if you lived in Mad Max/drop bear land. :p

Thanks lashman for your work in keeping these threads going every month. (y)

The original is possibly the only VN which isn't discounted in the golden week sale.

Just more reason to wait for the new version I guess. :unsure: Kinda glad I haven't bought it yet.


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Dec 21, 2018
in that case don't open Tizoc's thread ... there are WAAAAAAY more promising games releasing in May ;) i only included the best of the best :p
Yeah... but that's what make it so harder to ignore... :(

Seriously though, thank you for the hard work.

don't blame me ... blame Gevin ;)
Well, that explains it. That shlooting brain really is evil.


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Sep 5, 2018
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Nov 17, 2018
Aw, I got new threaded, so I'm reposting it!

In case anyone missed it in the april thread before it got closed - Latest news on Ostranauts (From the maker of NeoScavenger) which looks very cool so far!
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Nov 1, 2018
I was gonna buy Fell Seal, but after checking the trailer don't know, there's something that feels off to me, don't really like the art, and the animations feel a little cheap.


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Apr 17, 2019
I love Curse of Monkey Island! The music from the whole series is etched into my brain from my childhood. :hugging-face:
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Oct 16, 2018
I gradually fell out of love with Monkey Island series... Played through all the good ones (and Escape) so many times...
Also, Day of the Tentacle is a better game overall
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