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Good Morning, Weather Hackers!
Dec 8, 2018
I had a poke about and there's a couple of people who streamed about them after hearing the news. Good to see.
Also, cool to see there's video from back in 1998 at a venue in Chicago.

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May 5, 2019
Some new releases :)

New EP by Within Temptation:

(5 songs repeated as instrumentals for some reason, but either way, quite good as usual)

New album by The Damned:

(goth rock survivors from the 80s ;) )

New EP by Secret Sign:

(80s-tinged synth pop)

New album by Everything but the Girl (yep!):

(their first album since 1999)

New song by PJ Harvey (new album out July 7):

(her first album since 2016)

New song by Kylie Minogue (new album out September 22):

(Kylie returning to electro-pop after 2020's "Disco", which featured, ahem, disco music)

New song by Motorpsycho (new album out June 16)

(my favourite Norwegians leaning towards acoustic folksy psychedelic rock this time around)

New songs by Immortal * (new album out May 26)

* I guess if one member basically kicks out the others and keeps the band name after a legal battle, it still technically counts, yes? ;)

New songs by Sparks (new album out May 26)

(these guys have been around for 50+ years now...)

New compilation by The Wedding Present:

(calling a 29-song-record "24 songs" eh? either way, this is a compilation of a project they did last year; they released new two songs every month for a year and now bundled it up as a full album)