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Sep 20, 2018
I'm currently making some headway in Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire, and I really enjoy it a lot more than the first game, which I already loved. The setting of the Dyrwood felt very "safe" and while it hinted at the larger setting a lot, I feel nothing you saw would have been out of place in any bogstandard Western RPG game. Deadfire really gives Eora a unique and interesting flare, both by having interesting allusions to real historical events (the colonialism of the 17 to 19th century) but also by expanding the lore of Eora itself, the nature of the gods and souls.

I also like how the Watcher in this one essentially becomes a sort of superhero, that goes toe to toe with all kinds of insane things. To be honest, it's probably the dumbest element in Deadfire, but I feel this game does enough smart things to be excused if it indulges in a few tired power fantasies.


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Dec 9, 2018
Playing apex legends, Eastshade and finishing up Kingdom Hearts 3

But just realised this Thursday/Friday is stacked for me
got Anthem preloading for tomorrow
Crackdown 3 preloading for Friday
Metro Exodus (steam) for Friday
Enderal Thurs

I have even had to take FarCry new dawn off my buy list even though I have always bought them day 1.
Nov 14, 2018
Guess I'm in kind of a Star Wars mood, huh?
Does Dark Forces work all the way to the end now? I'm sure when I played it some time ago the end was bugged. Also, no Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight?? (that's the best one!)

Since finishing The Witcher 2 and having one arm out of action I have been enjoying left arm only gaming. This has consisted of -
  • The Room Two
  • The Dig
  • Loom
  • Primordia
...and I'm going to start Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade tomorrow. I can point. I can click. I can even point and click. I cannot however, rub my tummy and pat my head at the same time.
Dec 24, 2018
Re2 Remake was going great... until I hit this 2nd boss on my Claire playthrough. The one in the sewer... area. Just... such a horrible boss design. Nothing fun about it. Kinda makes me want to just stop playing and resume my Witcher 3 playthrough until Metro releases on Friday.
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Oct 23, 2018
About halfway through Yoku's Island Express. It's not bad. Travel could be a little less annoying, but it's a overall nice experience. Something laid back to play before some of these other games in my backlog. $8.99 was definitely the right price for me, $20 is a bit on the high side.
Jan 5, 2019
Kopanito All-Stars Soccer
A fast paced, skill-based soccer game. Slide tackling is a ton of fun and scoring a goal is very satisfying. It's currently at a historical low price.

Geometry Dash
Super addicting rhythm-based platformer. It feels like a great accomplishment completing a single level

Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube
A first-person puzzle platformer where you find blocks and use them as stepping stones to get to the next area.

Finding Paradise
The second episode of To The Moon. Just started this and I'm hoping it lives up to expectations.
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Jan 22, 2019
Crackdown 3 here as well and really enjoying it too. Wipes away the bad taste of Crackdown 2 nicely. Not played it today (or any game for that matter) as I'm tired from a long week at work but Sunday shall be a nice day for blowing shit up :)
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Jan 28, 2019
I've tried a few more VR games since I posted last.

Raw Data is a nicely made wave shooter. The setup is simple, basically like your old school twin stick arena shooter where you get various weapons, maybe perk upgrades, turrets to place and so on, except it's in first person VR. The guns feel right and the enemy robot reactions to them with limbs and such getting blown off makes them feel meaty and fun. It also has co-op capabilities. I like it, I'll probably keep going back whenever I want some mindless action, possibly more than Epic's famous Robo Recall which while highly polished seems like something I'll only play through once. I also like that Raw Data has both teleportation and regular controls, these days that I've gotten used to all the locomotion methods I only like teleportation if it's integrated well with the game mechanics and setting as seen in Budget Cuts, otherwise I much prefer standard movement controls combined with your own body movement within your play area. The pricing doesn't seem to reflect the game's content, there are few classes to choose from and upgrade as you play and it's still just a wave shooter so, wait for a sale unless you have money to burn. If you don't like wave shooters I guess it won't change your mind either.

Transference is a horror adventure/walking sim you can play in or out of VR. I only played a little bit. It seems well made, if perhaps a bit limited or simplistic in some ways. There are no object physics for example, if you grab something to check it out then let go it'll float in mid-air for a second then glitch back to its original position. It makes sense within its corrupted digital setting. Anyway, it's super scary and unsettling when you see everything around you in full scale and with banging audio in VR so I turned it off soon after starting it, haha. I even saw the first jump scare coming and expected they will do it with the way the space was designed being ripe for it but it still startled me when it happened. It's said to be fairly short and easy so I'll go back to it at some point despite being a scaredy cat as it does seem interesting with its story and real world actor performances, plus it might be less scary as you get used to it, but yeah.

I also had Battlezone before getting VR. It seemed like a pretty simple game at the time, not a huge upgrade over the old arcade beyond giving it some more enemy types and structure in the missions (defend this, destroy that) and a campaign map to progress in (basicaly choose your next mission and win resources from the AI aiding the eventual final battle) but at it's core it's still just simple arena tank battles. I re-downloaded it to try it in VR and saw you can also play the original game remade within it with the wireframe graphics and everything and even the old school controls if you wish (you independently control the left and right tracks, both at once to move forward/backward or in opposite directions to turn). Anyway, the main game felt pretty cool in VR with a standard controller but the gameplay is still too simplistic for me, I wish they had given it some more depth and challenge, instead of letting you easily strafe around as if you're just an FPS character I would have loved it if it felt much heavier as if you're playing MechWarrior or something, with different control inputs for forward/backward throttle, turning the main body and independently turning and pitching the turret/weapons. They could have added some headtracking controlled sub weapons as well like Vox Machinae's mechs have. I'm sure I would have gotten much more into it with such a set up.

I've played the other VR games I already had more too.

I've already finished SUPERHOT VR if I didn't mention that, it was pretty great if short but the post-game content isn't the greatest so I hope we get a Mind.Control.Delete style expansion for the VR game like regular SUPERHOT is getting. Onward continues to be a great co-op experience in terrorist hunt mode, I don't know if it will reach its full potential but for now it's in very active development so hopefully it will as it's already fun, but if not then maybe another game will come along to take up the old school Ghost Recon style military sim mantle. Skyrim VR is great for what it is but I'll probably not play too much, the same issues from the non VR version which I already played remain but it's still cool to immerse yourself in such a large world in full scale and do things like semi-realistically aim your bow and arrow and crouch to sneak around and pull off stealth attacks. Karnage Chronicles on the other hand is probably the best made for VR dungeon crawl experience but I'll stop playing it until it's finished, it was great fun and the bugs are few but I don't want to spoil things. I do the same for every early access game that has a progressive campaign to go through, I try them out then wait for the full thing, but Karnage Chronicles was so fun I almost finished the existing content (2 large dungeons with some puzzles and a third that's mostly a lead up to a boss people say is really great but the next update will overhaul into a proper dungeon building up to it so I stopped before reaching it and I'll try and do the same for the rest of the game).
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Sep 20, 2018
Finished Pillars 2, and about halfway done with Resident Evil 7. I'm really liking that one, though the boss fights so far all overstay their welcome by quite a bit. That's fine the first time, but if you have to repeat it a few times just because you didn't pace yourself in the early parts, that gets annoying quite fast.
I will write up my thoughts on Pillars 2 in a few days, but I ultimately ended up liking even the main quest, which got quite a bit of criticism if I recall. It's mostly focused on lore, and less on typical action, so that might be the reason, but it ended up working really well for me.
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Dec 5, 2018
I put Kingdome Come: Deliverance on hold. I like it, but I just can’t get into the slow paced epic right now. Also, it can be clunky. However, the story and characters are so awesome.

Therefore, I’m playing Hitman: Absolution. I played it when it came out, but I have the drive to run through again.
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Dec 19, 2018
Started Yakuza 0 this weekend. I need to get better at the brawling for sure but the city and the music are great.

Also started The Evil Within. No huge on horror type games like this but ive been wanting to start this for a long while. really only just finished the prologue though so far.
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Nov 16, 2018
Over the past few weeks I've played most/bits/all of the following:

- Kingdom Come: Deliverance -- not even close to done; will need to come back to this
- Resident Evil 2 -- finished the Leon A run and need to go back for the rest
- Apex Legends -- I'm really enjoying it but also am really bad at it
- The Division 2 Private Beta -- living in/around DC makes this really neat and I like the changes I've seen; I played a ton of The Division, but nothing after the first month or so
- Anthem -- lot of good stuff swaddled by a lot of bad/needless things
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Feb 13, 2019
Very much enjoying Metro Exodus at the moment. Performance could be better.. but it does look the part.
Gives me yet another reason to replay it in the coming years.
The series became basically Stalker-Light with Exodus i think.. so that's fun. Been craving another Stalker game forever, too.


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Sep 5, 2018
Very much enjoying Metro Exodus at the moment. Performance could be better.. but it does look the part.
Gives me yet another reason to replay it in the coming years.
The series became basically Stalker-Light with Exodus i think.. so that's fun. Been craving another Stalker game forever, too.
dayum, that sounds awesome!

i soooo wish i could run it at stable 900p60 on high/ultra ... that's all i really need :p