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Sep 19, 2018
Finished up Metro Exodus yesterday, and I absolutely loved it. Having played 4 Metro games back to back now, I think I'll have a break from gaming for a few days. Not sure what to start next, I was playing Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance prior to starting Metro, but I really wasn't enjoying that.

Li Kao

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Jan 28, 2019
Uh, so I manned up and finished Black Flag inc. Aveline and Freedom's Cry DLC. At this point I nearly have a physical repulsion at the view of the sea.
And to say I still have Rogue to play, ughh.

Playing actively these days ?

- Anthem with the EA Premier thing: I don't hate the game, there are really solid elements to it, but at the end of the day it's too little and so so badly designed.

- Warframe: Started playing from the start on a whim yesterday by way of insomnia. Third time will maybe indeed be the charm. Still a Frankenstein monster of a game, but yeah, it does the job.

Still trying to determine if I should restart MHW on PC after 200+ hours on PS4. And waiting for the dust to clear on Bungie case to know if I should restart on PC too.
I hate GAAS, it shows, doesn't it ?


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Dec 31, 2018
Currently playing through State of Decay: Year One and I'm digging it so far!

Probably going to make some more progress in either Cognition or Silence of the Sleep this weekend.


Jan 5, 2019
2 episodes into Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

I had my doubts when learning they switched up the developers and Chloe's voice actress for the prequel. My biggest fear was playing an off-brand Life is Strange. That was all quickly erased after playing through the very first scene. These devs know what they're doing.

The voice acting for Chloe kinda threw me off at first. Now that I've gotten to hear more of it, I think the replacement voice actress is doing a pretty good job as young Chloe.


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Dec 12, 2018
Finished up shadow of the tomb raider and Forza horizon 4 I think is done as much as I'll play it. Playing donkey Kong country tropical freeze and destiny forsaken at the moment now. Resident evil 1 is being played before I go onto 2 remake.


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Oct 27, 2018
I've been giving Warframe a go. I hit max on 2 frames (Volt and Trinity Prime) and started to drop off with how samey it felt with just those 2 frames, but I luckily built Rhino and kept going. It seems like it'll keep being fun as long as I keep trying new frames or doing the story quests. Other than that: chipping away at Kh3 with the gf, some RE6 co-op, and on chapter 2 of D4. RE6 and Swery both have nonsensical quirkiness that I dig.
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Dec 9, 2018
Burnt out on PoE content for now (single-handedly boosted it to the 2nd most active MC steam game) so I'm currently playing DMC HD collection to freshen up my moves for DMC5.
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Feb 28, 2019
I'm hitting my backlog and playing Suikoden for the first time. Been posting about my progress pretty regularly on twitter. I'm enjoying it so far, though the translation seems a little rough. Or at least the text formatting.
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Oct 23, 2018

Yume Nikki
Salt and sanctuary
Resident Evil 2 (Claire B)
Trails in the Sky 2
Planescape Torment
Battle Chasers Nightwar - Dropped
Killer is Dead (added)

With the exception of Trails and Planescape, I think that list is rather doable.
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Oct 10, 2018
I started playing Bladed Fury, and it's a lot of fun.
It looks and plays a bit like an unofficial sequel to Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Considering that Vanillaware hasn't bothered to released their games on PC, that's fine by me.

The game is currently on sale, and has a free soundtrack DLC.
It's well worth the asking price.



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Jan 4, 2019
I've been playing Glass Masquerade 2 and yep, it's more of the same, but I'm really liking it so far. The added hard difficulty is pretty fun, as it's much more similar to a traditional jigsaw puzzle :smiling-face-with-heart-shaped-eyes:

And I also played a bit more of My Time at Portia, I'm slowing make some progress in the friends department, finally!
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Dec 8, 2018
Nearing the last part of Dragon Knight Saga, just have 3 "bosses" to kill then i can get on with the main story but they're tricky even with level advantage i'm getting wrecked, sometimes within 3 seconds of starting the fight! Apparently there's a bug where bosses can one-shot you and it wasn't fixed :(

I'm loving the game though i do want to get it done so i can have a go at Ace Combat 7 and really test my new 2070, lol! Buy expensive video card and play 10 year old games that don't do anything with it :)

I also need to drop into Anthem as i got a code with the card but eh, i'm reluctant unless i know if it's worth playing without a headset (i'm too lazy to find mine) and going Lone Wolf because i don't know anyone else who's playing it. That should give my new rig a total workout though :D


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Dec 9, 2018
Playing Nier:Automata and have a headache because the game didn't progress after a cutscene during a rather long encounter:
sunken city the fight with the fishshipmachine whatever that was; after 2b and 9s are flying to the cannon the game didn't snap out of cutscene-mode so nothing was interactable
Every time i tried to fix it i had to play 10-15 minutes. Did that about 5 times until i disabled the unlocked frames option in FAR and that did it. Wasted a good hour. meh. Game is nice. Ah, and the game has problems with saving if google backup is enabled. So I couldn't save after a while until I read about it on PCGW. As I said, game is nice but it has some problems. And I have a headache.


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Oct 31, 2018
Puerto Rico
So I've finally bit the bullet, & I'm playing Far Cry 4!

On the PS3.

It's not the worst transition game I've played on the system, but it has a ton of issues regarding the online service & the graphical settings. It's a pixelated mess, but it runs pretty well with a stable framerate with little dips when you catch on fire.

So far the game is great despite these issues. It's fun to explore Kyrat & collect stuff. Fuck Hunters & Honey Badgers, though I'm not as pissed about the eagles like most people did when it came out.

I plan on getting all the trophies there, though I just want to do everything despite the requirements being lower than Far Cry 3's list.

After this, I'll come back with Naughty Bear & once that's done I'm full force with another RPG, but still deciding which one to try out next.


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Jan 28, 2019
Beat Saber. I don't usually play rhythm games but this is fun. I've only played a few times so mostly on easy and I managed to get a song or two on normal mode without misses. I also checked out what expert is like and lost within seconds, lmao. I don't think I'll get that good at it but it's fun anyway.

It makes you feel like you're almost dancing but I certainly don't want to know how I look when I play it vs those people, ha, expectations vs reality thing.


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Dec 31, 2018
Currently playing through the first Glass Masquerade. It's a perfect game to play while listening to a podcast.
:coffee-blob: That game really surprised me. It’s not typically a game I’d be into but everything about it is fantastic. Glad you’re enjoying it!

While we’re on that topic..

Glass Masquerade Bundle
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I’ve been in a bit of a gaming lull due to personal family matters but I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Dragon Quest XI: The Game That Keeps Going.

Looking forward to diving into DMC5 and Sekiro soon.
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Nov 12, 2018
Glass Masquerade Bundle
Thanks a lot for Glass Masquerade :steam_pigblanket:

I've been mostly on an EDF streak lately. After farming some high level weapons I'm now blazing through the missions on Normal. Just reached the 60ies.
(And in the middle of the 30ies in multiplayer, where there is no blazing through, haha).

Also still working on Umineko, currently in Episode 7.

I want to play some more Space Engineers now that it's out of Early Access.

And I got a sudden itch to play Costume Quest, which I've bought a while ago to play with my niece, but we've been playing other stuff instead, lol.

But actually I should be playing Romancing SaGa 2, which was my more expensive sale purchase in recent memory but I've barely played an hour :cryingwhyblob:


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Jan 28, 2019
I had some issues with this game when I tried it before but this video convinced me to give it another shot.

It's definitely unique. It's decent fun but definitely not as grand as it could be or as they make it seem (for me). I guess to make it last longer in many areas instead of giving you that great freedom of movement it's more like it throws platforming puzzles at you, figuring out how to get to even get to a high place using your hooks, stopping after every part to look around, figure out where you might need momentum to reach higher because the next point isn't close enough to hook onto from the last, going back to try again, etc. So it's not a constant awesome hook-swinging-while-shooting-stuff-mid-air ride or anything. And the bow mechanics aren't the best which I guess is why you need to have the crosshair to aim with, other games with bows make it so natural they have no crosshair. Dying has no consequence in the game either, you just respawn a little further back (which you can do with a button just the same, when you have fallen somewhere it's more trouble to get back yourself or whatever other reason. Even the boss state/health remains at the point you had brought it down to before so it's like, you can't ever really lose so they don't feel like great achievements when defeated. I also dislike how floaty and super slidey you are when on foot. Well, that's the negatives, it's still pretty good for an indie game and for the price and to imagine what a good budget could do with it. Like some future AAA VR Spider-Man game (not the super limited VR playable teasers made to promote the movies you may have seen, those are meh), haha. Cos when it does have abundant hook grab points and you can swing freely from point to point it's really quite something as in the video, where I guess they cut all the fails/falls.
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Nov 12, 2018
Well I've played through Glass Masquerade today. Very pretty.

Also made it to the 3rd area in Costume Quest. Very charming game.
I like collecting new costumes and seeing how they look in battle, kinda scratches my monster collecting itch,
The battle system is simple but kind of falls into that weird space where there's enough interactivity to keep you engaged in the beginning but that interactivity becomes annoying after a while as there's not really much depth and you quickly start going through the same motions every battle. Bummer.
Nothing that will keep me from completing it and I'm surely also playing the sequel, but that aspect is just a bit unfortunate.

And put an hour into Umineko Ep. 7. Progress all around.


Nov 14, 2018
So as part of my continuing broken arm blitz I've just finished Cayne theory I should have loved it (Free, scifi horror point and click) but it was just kind of least I know now that Stasis is probably not for me either.

Not sure what to do next...of course I'm still juggling AdCap, but maybe going to go Sam and Max Hit the Road or I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream or perhaps even the more modern Cognition. Kinda feel that my game playing routine has been mega messed up after having to ditch my usual rotation method.
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Dec 5, 2018
I've been playing Dragon commander, the game is an interesting idea if nothing else.
I'm in Act 3 with lots of gold so I guess I can rush to the end of the game pretty fast.
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Dec 31, 2018
Just finished Devil May Cry V...for the second time. I honestly don't remember last time I managed to play a single game for so many hours in one session without getting bored. I doubt I can manage to beat the game on Dante Must Die mode, so i'll probably move on to Super Mario Odyssey now.